August 20, 2018 TCO18 Indonesia Regional Event Yogyakarta Recap: Part 2

DAY 2: The final day of the event

After having a night off, the crowds flocked back into the venue for day 2. Adroc began by thanking all the attendees who came. He started the event with a design workshop—reviewing the top 20 design submissions from TCO Design Challenge 1 and then announcing the leaderboard.

TCO Design Challenge 1 Leaderboard

1st place, aveef
2nd place, eriantoongko
3rd place, ervanfahren
4th place, zazulyaziz
5th place, brianbinar
6th place, rahmaddidik
7th place, deditrihermanto
8th place, laudepirera
9th place, djackmania
10th place, khusnunirawan
After the leaderboard announcement was made, Rapid UX Challenge 3 launched. It was time to design the insurance dashboard from mobile interaction into a tablet. Again the time was just 1 hour!
After all participants submitted their design, adroc invited veteran members fajar.mln, yoki, gh3ablo, petetebe, iamtong, and ravijune to answer question from attendees during a Topcoder Members Panel.
The panel was a hit and very informative for members. Next up was lunch and another design workshop where adroc talked about user experience.
Then the final challenge was launched—TCO Design Challenge 2. Participants were asked to create a cohesive and complete customer experience, while also exploring new cognitive/AI features and functionality for the next version of the Manulife/John Hancock Vitality Life Insurance mobile app. Roughly 6 main screens were needed to be submitted with another interaction screen to complete the journey. This was the most precious 3 hours they had to win the cash prizes and 2 golden tickets to Dallas!
When the deadline was up, all attendees were invited to have a dinner while adroc and tgerring did the final reviews and decide who was going to be the golden ticket winners!
At 7.30 PM, all the attendees returned to the main venue to have the closing reception and awards where all the winners of the day’s challenges were announced!

Day 2 Winners Recap

Rapid UX Challenge 3 Winners
1st place, $200, laudepirera
2nd place, $150, maulanarezap
3rd place, $100, aveef
Trendsetter Challenge Winner
1st place. $50, putra.bossun, 925 comments
2nd place, $25, khayxin, 714 comments
PixelPusher Challenge Winner
1st place, $50, rizqiadi
2nd place, $25, shidiq05
Most Spirit Award
– Topcoder Cap, fauzanmaulidi. He attended TCO16-TCO18 Regional Event Yogyakarta and always submitted to every challenge.
– Topcoder Backpack, andikaastro. He come and participated in our design challenge despite many obstacles he had to overcome.
TCO Design Challenge Winners

1st place, Ticket to TCO18 Final, aveef
2nd place, Ticket to TCO18 Final, khusnunirawan
3rd place, $750, zazulyaziz
4th place, $500, laudepirera
5th place, $250, azispradana
6th place, $150, muhhusniazis
7th place, $150, eriantoongko
8th place, $100, riopurba
9th place, $50, maulanarezap
10th place, $50, brianbinar

Thadroc. Is it cool right?

Our Spirit Award winner

Our golden ticket winners to TCO18 Final at Dallas.

Top 20

It’s a wrap!

Congrats to all the winners! You guys rock! Special thanks to idblack, lunarkid, fajar.mln, yoki, hmehta for all the hard work in making this event a success! Thanks to all the members who came this year! Hope to see you all again year event! Remember, be bold or italic, never regular!


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