November 15, 2018 TCO18 Design Semifinals

Today was the first day with competitions – and it was a full one for some tracks finalists.
We had 2 Design Semifinals, the Marathon Match competition and  the Development competition, as well as one development workshop and one workshop for the designers.
The client for the design competition was our sponsor Healthcare Outsourcing Network (HON), who was looking to combine several separate systems and applications into one cohesive and user-friendly web application. During the TCO Design Finals, they wanted to explore ideas on how this new experience will look and function.
The target users were HON call center employees who will use this tool to track and view account information, billing, and to resolve patient (HON’s clients) issues and questions. Besides that, the users of this application can also find valuable employee information such as HR policies, and training, etc.
The application in itself is pretty large and what our designers worked on was just a high level base for everything that will come up. Comparing to the challenges for other TCOs, his particular one was not a landing page or something front to the client, it was actually an internal tool for HON, with many details to show. This is where the interesting part comes: to organize a lot of information in a good way, easy for the user to read and scan for the info he needs, the designers had to use hierarchy, white space, typography and use of color in a wise way.
In the evening there was a design workshop with the client (2 persons from HON) who helped with clarifying many of the doubts of designers and made them understand the design problem and constraints better. Adam and Trevor drove the conversation and presented every design from the finalists, who were given the chance to explain the thought behind their process or any design ideas. Turned out that running a TCO challenge and getting designs and live questions was useful for the client as well, as they received new ideas and concepts that they didn’t think about before.

On Thursday, the designers will all compete in Design Final 1 – they will take the feedback from the client and improve their submissions more. Good luck to all our designers!

Late, but not last we had a great game night, where the finalists could play games, drink, eat sweets and socialize. Everyone had lots of fun as you can see from the photos.


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