TCO17 is Here! Sponsors Wanted!

The Topcoder Open (TCO) is the ultimate programming and design tournament. After a series of competitions, Topcoder Community members are narrowed down to the best of the best for the ultimate showdown live on stage!

Dating back to 2001, Topcoder tournaments have paved the way for geeks of all kinds. Champions and finalists of Topcoder tournaments enjoy many perks including meeting presidents, starting big businesses, having their own wiki page, and becoming millionaires, not to mention working their dream job at top tech companies around the world.

“Sponsoring and hosting the Topcoder Open gave Booz Allen insight into the minds of the world’s best coders and designers. Our people thrive at the intersection of design, development, and analytics to solve problems, and we’re looking forward to being involved in future TCO events.”

– Mike Isman, Vice President at Booz Allen Hamilton

TCO sponsorships give organizations a unique opportunity to showcase their crowdsourcing thought leadership, boost adoption of their technologies, and attract the world’s top technical talent.

Sponsorships range from smaller regional event sponsorships through platinum level recruiting sponsorships.

Learn more about how your organization can get involved in the Topcoder Open here.