October 21, 2017 TCO17 Preparations and the Event is Finally Here!

Guys and girls, it’s that exciting time of the year again – it’s TCO17! The long awaited event is finally here. Competitors from all over the world are flying to Buffalo as we speak, while some of them are already here. The flights are long, timezone differences are big, but there is the excitement to compete against fellow members together with the joy of seeing your friends.

The members who arrived are enjoying time together and visiting around Buffalo. What is here? The famous Niagara Falls, the Botanical Gardens, the Buffalo Military Park, the Buffalo Harbour Cruise and of course tasting Buffalo chicken wings.

A couple of admins and members went yesterday to see Niagara Falls during the day and night. The drive about 30 mins and the waterfall is really impressive. There will be buses all day on Monday for all the Topcoder Open finalists.

While some enjoy the days before competition, the staff is working hard to set up the arena starting with: the lights, the decor, the competitors workplace with all the necessary setup all the way to the live broadcast area and the room where dinner and lunch will be.

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