May 29, 2017 The TCO17 Design Race is on Fire – Don’t Quit Now!

Time is flying and currently we have only two more days for stage 3 of TCO17. If you are still wondering what the Topcoder Open is you should know that it is the great event Topcoder organizes yearly, where the brightest members from all around the world from all tracks are meeting to compete, live, for big prizes, meet friends and admins, and have a good time.

Besides that, there are unique opportunities to meet clients and visit more of the USA. This year’s TCO will be held in Buffalo, New York on October 21-24, 2017 right near Niagara Falls.
At this moment, members of several tracks are working hard to qualify and are pushing their limits by taking up as many challenges as they can. So far, for design, we have 6 designers that have qualified (thanks Jessie for adding 1 more trip winner per period!): iamtong, Tewibowo, yoki, eriantoongko, Ravijune and kharm – congratulations! With them out, this period race is still very tight. We can see that abedavera, universo, nicokontes, khanhlinh, kiretech, uber, djackmania, ted181, iaminfinite and chekspir all having good points to qualify.

From left to right: khanhlinh, abedavera, nicokontes, universo, ted181, djackmania, chekspir
With about 12 challenges still rolling or awaiting results and designers having a close amount of points, this is still anyone’s game. Let’s not forget the 2 LUX-es that we had last week which will bring a lot more points to the winners and can totally switch the leaderboard. Even if you are at the middle of the leaderboard, some designers might not want to come to TCO, or don’t get a VISA for traveling, so don’t quit. An example is abedavera, who last year qualified from the 6th position in the last moment, came to TCO and became our champion!

If you have been an active competitor for more than 2 years, then for sure you have learned one thing: as hard as it is, do not give up. The TCO is awesome in every way possible, a mix of excitement, adrenaline, tension and joy – that is totally worth the effort. Best of luck to all the fighting designers!


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