February 3, 2016 TCO16 Updates and Announcements


We are excited to announce some important 2016 Topcoder Open updates!

First off, welcome back Cisco as a TCO sponsor! If you’re looking to join a dynamic, global coalition of passionate technologists, driven by an insatiable desire to create meaningful innovation—look no further. Learn more here.

Ready for some big news for our UI Design & Prototype Competitors? We are thrilled to bring the TCO back to Indonesia for our UI Design & Prototype Semi-Final! The top performers from each stage of UI Design & Prototype Competitions will win a trip to Indonesia to compete for a spot in the USA Championship round! You all wanted the UI Design & Prototype Finals back in the USA so you’ve got it! Our Indonesia event details are still in progress but we hope to announce dates and location in the coming months.

We have an update for all competitors! We know how hard some of you have worked to win a trip to the TCO; some of you have even become stage winners in more than one track. This year we’re introducing a new rule with regards to multiple track winners. Here is the update to the rules:

Contestants are eligible to win only one trip to the onsite tournament regardless of the track they compete in. However, contestants with more than one win across different tracks will receive $1,000 in lieu of each extra trip won.

For example, if you win a trip to the TCO in the Development Competition for stage 2 and 3, you win one trip from stage 2, and the next in line wins the trip for stage 3. However you would win the prize money for both stages.

Additionally, if you win a trip to the TCO in the F2F Competition and Development Competition for Stage 1, you will win one trip; your choice of track and $1,000 in lieu of the other trip.

And lastly, but not least, we’re excited to announce the Algorithm Competition and Marathon Competition details! Save the dates and best of luck to everyone!

We are in high gear planning mode for the TCO Finals in the USA. As soon as details are confirmed, we’ll be making announcements. Any questions can be brought up in the TCO forums.


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