July 15, 2016 TCO16 Sponsored by Booz Allen Hamilton!

Back in April, we announced during a TTL that the 2016 Topcoder Open (TCO) will be taking place in Washington DC. Check out the awesome video! Well, we’re even more excited to share the details!

We are beyond thrilled to announce that the TCO16 Finals will be officially sponsored and hosted by Booz Allen Hamilton at their new, premier Innovation Center in downtown Washington DC!

Booz Allen Hamilton partners with public and private sector clients to solve their most difficult challenges through a combination of consulting, analytics, mission operations, technology, systems delivery, cybersecurity, engineering, and innovation expertise.

They’ve been providing innovative solutions for over a century by combining fresh thinking with a tradition of excellence. It’s why they pride themselves on being a valued member of the DC innovation community, backing up big ideas with the talent to bring them to life and partnering with companies like Topcoder to build solutions, develop new concepts, and make lasting impacts.

Learn more about Booz Allen Hamilton here.

The TCO16 Finals will take place at Booz Allen Hamilton in Washington DC November 18-21, 2016. A full schedule for the event will be available soon.

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