November 8, 2019 Spotlight on TCO19: Innovation Summit Speaker and Panel Highlights, Masterclasses, and More

Looking for a unique learning experience that will provide actionable strategies to help you increase innovation effectiveness and speed to market while reducing costs? Look no further. Meet us at the TCO19 Topcoder Innovation Summit powered by AWS, November 14th in Houston, Texas.

At TCO19, you’ll have the opportunity to speak with industry leaders, attend panels on innovation and emerging technologies, and meet with the Wipro and Topcoder executive teams. Take in keynotes and panels featuring industry leaders speaking about AI, computer vision, design thinking, machine learning, and more. Increase your knowledge with expert-led workshops and breakout sessions. And network with Topcoder clients and TCO19 sponsors like AWS, Google, Intel, Hess, Shell, T-Mobile—just to name a few.

Download Ideas Directly From the Experts

Some of the world’s leading experts on open talent and the gig economy will be at the summit to share insights and knowledge about taking advantage of the latest developments in open sourcing. Hear from John Winsor, founder of Open Assembly—partner of the Laboratory for Innovation Science at Harvard (LISH)—a leading authority on open talent models. John will share insights on how to survive avalanches—real and metaphorical—and talk about the importance of having an open talent strategy to remain relevant in today’s changing business world.

Leading speakers also include Shinobu Saito, Senior Research Engineer in the Software Innovation Center at the NTT Corporation, Dave Messinger, CTO of Topcoder, plus speakers from NASA and SOCOM, who offer an inside look into how they and other organizations are using open talent models to solve challenges and complete projects with exceptional impact.

Learn from experts on emerging gig-economy opportunities during the summit’s panels, including:

On-Demand Everything with Gig Economy Leaders: While everyone is accustomed to services such as Uber and Grubhub, the on-demand economy powered by gig workers offers enterprises unique ways to scale and ramp productivity. We will hear from leaders whose organizations are powered by the gig economy and the benefits their enterprise customers are enjoying in this era of on-demand everything! 

The Big and the Bold: Serving the Public Sector through Open Innovation. As we continue to celebrate the 50th anniversary of landing on the Moon, the U.S. Government continues to pioneer exciting ways to tackle large, complex, and impactful challenges through on-demand talent and open innovation. You’ll hear from federal agency innovation leaders sharing solutions and success stories made possible with open talent.

Partner Up! Winning through Differentiation and Simplified Access to Talent: Innovative partners push the growth and uptake of on-demand talent and there is a lot to learn from them! Joining Topcoder on stage will be DXC, SpaceNet, and Wipro discussing how they go to market and differentiate with Topcoder as a powerful on-demand talent solution.

The Passion Economy with the Topcoder Community: With the emergence of the gig economy, skilled workers are enjoying new socio-economic and lifestyle freedoms, along with navigating new challenges in this era of on-demand work. You’ll hear from dedicated Topcoder community members and learn from their personal journeys in this burgeoning gig economy. 

Master New Skills

Take advantage of gig-economy masterclasses (90 minutes each). Classes include Data Science & AI: Using open-talent and enterprise service for taking on the most challenging data algorithms; QA & Crowdtesting: Improving coverage and testing speed for enterprise QA teams by integrating continuous testing cycles with Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CICD); and Talent-as-a-Service: Providing highly qualified talent as and when needed for digital solutions.

A special masterclass in Geospatial Analytics will be offered, led by the global leader in that field, SpaceNet, a nonprofit dedicated to accelerating open source AI for geospatial applications. Geospacial analytics is at the frontier of mapping our changing planet—serving important uses of map data, including humanitarian response and disaster relief. Learn how SpaceNet has sourced its groundbreaking algorithms from Topcoder’s community of data scientists.

Learn More and Register Today

The Topcoder Innovation Summit is an unparalleled chance to network, learn, and get inspired about what’s possible, what others are doing and what you plan to do next. Register for TCO19 today.

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