March 29, 2016 New Design Submission Page

Last week we released a major update to the design submission page. All design challenges (whether accessed from Studio or the newer page on now have new submissions functionality. For users, this means:
– Higher reliability (hopefully failed submissions will be few and far between)
– Better communication of status while submitting (improved progress bar and error messages)
– Email notifications for both success and failure after each submission (in case of any problems processing submission files)
Challenge Submission TopCoder
We’ve also built supporting admin functionality to make it easier for our support team to submit on behalf of members if something does go wrong and to inspect and react to any submission issues in a more timely manner.
Besides a new front end, the backend has also been largely replaced in a way that makes the submission process more scalable as well as opens the door for handling different types of submissions in the future and applying various types of processing logic to incoming submissions.
Feel free to reach out to us in the forums or send a direct message to There will also be a feedback widget in the updated site after it is released.

David Messinger



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