May 27, 2021 A New Forums Experience at Topcoder

We are so excited to release our all new Topcoder Forums! A fresh look, a quick experience and more. Our new forums matter and make a huge difference for our community not only for newbies introducing themselves but for our veteran competitors who helped pave the way for the importance of forums all those years ago.

All New Forums
Our new forums are faster, easier to interact with, and have more enhancements than our old ones including:

  • Thumbs up and down voting
  • They are emoji friendly
  • You can easily bookmark and watch threads that interest you
  • It’s a better mobile and email experience
  • You have the ability to autosave your drafts 

Having conversations during challenges, asking questions about gigs, or simply talking with others is easier than ever before with our new Forums.

Why Forums Matter
Last year many community members and copilots came to us to share their frustrations about our Topcoder forums. Having been the same since the beginning of time at Topcoder, our forums were old, slow, and had the tendency to break.

The cornerstone of any community is the ability to have that feeling of camaraderie, to be able to communicate virtually with others you can relate to, and the ability to belong. I’d like to say that our forums for all these years have helped us to establish those feelings, nurture those relationships within our community and create the Topcoder culture. They have also allowed us to have fun and even more importantly get work done.

The legacy of our old Topcoder forums will forever live on as read-only. They are full of interesting conversations, amazing insight, and hold the history of Topcoder which we’ll always cherish. Please feel free to peruse them anytime you want. If there is a thread that really interests you, start a new one in our new forums on the same topic. Help bring your community back together where they belong.

Get a Shirt from Topcoder
We love giving our community members t-shirts so if you want to earn one, log in to our forums and post something. Share a story, share some tips, say hello, or give us some feedback on our new forums. 

100 Topcoder t-shirts are up for grabs to anyone who posts in the general forums (not challenge forums) from now until June 30. How easy is that?! We can’t wait to reward our community but most importantly we can’t wait to get the conversations rolling. 

Find a bug? If you find a bug or have an idea for an enhancement, let us know!

The all-new Topcoder Forums — you asked for them, and we delivered. Go to forums.

Head of Community


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