April 28, 2017 Loud About Crowdsourcing: A First-Of-Its-Kind Podcast

Today, there is only one podcast deep-diving into 3 of the tech world’s hottest topics: crowdsourcing, open innovation, and co-creation. “Loud About Crowdsourcing” was born right here at Topcoder — with the help of our in-house crowdsourcing experts, industry friends, and leaders in the crowdsourcing space. Let’s go over what we’ve covered so far…



Episode #1: What is Crowdsourcing?

In the first episode, three of our Topcoder experts and crowdsourcing evangelists — Clinton, Will, and Nick — discuss their own crowdsourcing tales: why they’re passionate about it, the surprising origin story of crowdsourcing, and its long history.
Spoiler: “Crowdsourcing” itself isn’t new; it’s just a newer term for a proven method.

Episode #2: John Winsor + Domino’s

Join John Winsor, best-selling author and leading entrepreneur — as well as the founder of Victors & Spoils — and the Topcoder crew for the second episode. Learn about John’s influence on Domino’s… and how it led to their successful radical transparency campaign in 2010.

Episode #3: Lee Odess + space poop

In the third episode of our podcast, Lee Odess, the Vice President of UniKey Technologies, joins the conversation. At UniKey, Lee works on frictionless technology — secure mobile technologies that optimize manual experiences like waiting in line. Imagine you enter the food court of a sports stadium and they know what you want to eat because you’ve ordered it before; thanks to mobile technology, that data about your habits is readily available, making for a simpler and more enjoyable experience. Lee formerly ran projects at Brivo Labs, where they used crowdsourcing to accelerate IoT application development.
Spoiler: Yes, there is also talk of NASA and space poop.

What are you waiting for?

But that’s not all. Every episode of the podcast ends with a CCT — a “cool crowd thing.” Want to keep up with what’s going on the industry? Enjoy high-quality banter? Curious to see who we’ll have on the next episode?
Subscribe to “Loud About Crowdsourcing” — via iTunes, Google Play Music, or email — and prepare to have your ears dazzled and your mind blown.

Jiordan Castle

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