June 3, 2024 Navigating the Paper Trail: How Topcoder is Revolutionizing Form-Filling

Navigating through a maze of paperwork seems like an unavoidable part of life, doesn’t it? Birth certificates, school enrollment, loans, taxes – you name it, there’s a form for it. And let’s be real, they’re not always a walk in the park.

Many of the problems people encounter with the benefits and processes behind all these forms stem from the information overload they can sometimes present coupled with simply completing them correctly. People who don’t frequently interact with bureaucratic details sometimes struggle to complete forms that are necessary for retirement, disability, and prescription drug benefits. Unfortunately, this also means that there are thousands of people every year who miss out on important benefits, even when they’re otherwise eligible.

Topcoder challenged its members to come to the rescue of the form-filling public everywhere by developing an AI bot for helping complete any form.

The impact of these solutions is profound, offering significant benefits such as:

  • Increased Accessibility: Helping users navigate complex forms and making it easier for everyone to get the benefits and services they need.
  • Time Savings: Automating the form-filling process, saving time for users and organizations.
  • Error Reduction: Utilizing AI to accurately interpret and fill out form fields, reducing manual errors.
  • Cost Efficiency: Lowering processing costs make these solutions accessible to more people.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Interactive and user-friendly interface make the entire process a breeze.

How We Got There

In our first IntelliForm Bot challenge, our members had to develop a GPT bot that could take in a form a user provides, and then walk the user through completing the form correctly. The bot also had to accept and “understand” any instructions provided about the form (e.g. for every federal tax form, the US IRS also provides an instruction form).  As a follow-up challenge, members had to focus on making the bot more interactive and capable of accepting multiple forms.

The winning solutions from the IntelliForm Bot challenge showcased remarkable innovations in simplifying and streamlining the form-filling process. With over 400 participants and nearly 150 solutions submitted in two challenges, nine solutions emerged as standout performers.  

What’s Next?

Imagine a future where the maze of paperwork is nothing but a distant memory. While our bot has made significant strides, there’s still more to be done. Future enhancements will focus on improving AI capabilities and enhancing conversational abilities. With AI assistants powered by solutions like those developed in the IntelliForm Bot challenge, form filling will transform into a smooth conversation. No more drowning in documents – just a friendly chat to access the benefits and services you deserve.

Becky Embree , and Jagadeeswara Reddy Sanivarapu


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