With the ongoing rise of IoT, cloud, and mobile technologies, our physical and digital worlds are more connected than ever before.

An early pioneer in IoT and Social Access Management (SAM) solutions, Brivo Labs saw a market opportunity for seamless access control solutions that use apps and social profiles to tie people to physical spaces. But while they had the vision, they lacked the people and bandwidth to rapidly build products—and beat competitors to market.

Brivo Labs turned to Topcoder to accelerate digital production with on-demand access to a virtually limitless pool of application designers and developers. With a Topcoder Digital Factory program, Brivo Labs developed a new SAM API, designed and built three mobile apps utilizing iBeacon and Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity, and developed a Google Glass application integrated with their platform.

Traditional methods would have taken at least 18 months to execute on these innovations. With Topcoder, Brivo Labs was able to release new products within six months, helping create a better, safer, and more frictionless experiences for customers.

The strategic innovation of the Topcoder Community enabled us to go hard and go fast out-of-the-gate, executing our vision to simplify and enhance everyday experiences on a modest budget. The quality of work was top notch and everything that was promised was delivered, if not exceeded.

Cost Savings
6 Months