November 16, 2018 “It's the final countdown” – Road to the TCO18 UI Design Cup!

As the title of the song written by Swedish rock band “Europe”; designers are also approaching to the final minutes of the UI Design Round. The air in the TCO Arena feels dense, the only sound we hear are the mouses clickings, everyone is extremely focused doing what they came to do, Design!
Abedavera is coming up from the 3rd position to the very top position in our leaderboard, once again showing the world why he is a 5X time a TCO champion. Right below him we see iamtong approaching really fast; only 10 points separate both designers.

(Today’s Leaderboard)

(Designers looking at the leaderboard)
Yesterday we witnessed how Riopurba placed Top position (Indonesian Crowd was excited!) while today he is in 5th position. It doesn’t mean that we already lost the chances to take the TCO Cup back to home (Indonesia again) and have a newbie champion this year. I’m pretty sure that all finalists have their own aces under the sleeve.
But as you already know, everything might change on this round. Designers are working really hard on improving their concepts significatively. It is really amazing to see everyone’s working with their favorite tools (SketchApp, Adobe XD and Photoshop) at a very similar speed. Here there is not a better or worse software, there are only pro designers pushing theirs computers to their limits.

(UI Design Final Round Stage)

(Designers Competing on Final Round)


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