August 2, 2016 HPE’s Living Progress Challenge: Accelerating Social Good Applications through Crowdsourcing – INFOGRAPHIC

Many talk about innovation. Many discuss the importance of doing social good. Many wax poetic on the advantages of using crowdsourcing to gain new perspectives and to do big things. Most stop right there. Perhaps that’s why we’ve all heard the phrase, “Talk is cheap.”

Then there are those that push beyond. Those that realize that the way things have always ‘gotten done’ may not be the best way to do the next big thing. Those who understand that action begets action and that actually doing good, not just discussing the reasons to do it, is the most effective way to shape our future.

Our partners at Hewlett Packard Enterprise just completed a crucial phase in their expansive social good innovation program the Living Progress Challenge. When reviewing the infographic below, please note that each completed phase of HPE’s Living Progress Challenge has been executed through crowdsourcing.

Whether we are discussing the sourcing of the top social good application ideas, the design and development of these prototypes, or even the machine learning algorithms created to enhance some of these winning solutions, all of the outputs were created through crowdsourcing.

How 130+ social good ideas became 10 prototypes in just 12 weeks through crowdsourcing

If you are reading about HPE’s Living Progress Challenge for the first time, the infographic below will help you get a sense of the scope of the program — and how the Topcoder Community competed in a series of crowdsourcing competitions spanning design, development, and data science. The combined efforts of hundreds of skilled individuals from Topcoder led to the creation of 10 prototypes in just 12 weeks.

And it all began with an open question to the world:

What software applications and digital services would you create to improve lives?


Our partners at HPE not only had the vision to create this extremely worthy program, but they understood that through crowdsourcing they could help these teams accelerate the execution of their bold, social good ideas.

On August 3, 2016 the top 10 finalists will gather at New Lab located in Brooklyn, NY and demo, live on stage, the prototypes to a team of judges. Up to five winning teams will move on to the Build Phase of the Living Progress Challenge.

For more information on the top 10 finalists and their bold technology solutions that will be on display in Brooklyn – click here

The Build Phase is another series of crowdsourcing competitions that will take place on Topcoder to help teams develop their solutions from prototype to deployment. And again, all of the execution will be happening through crowdsourcing.

If you frequent the Topcoder Blog or are a member of Topcoder, you probably know we routinely take time to thank our community members who have performed exceptionally. So please continue on to see the type of talent from around the globe that participated in HPE’s Living Progress Challenge.

Recognizing the Effort Our Top Performing Topcoder Community Members

During the crucial execution phase detailed above, we implemented an extra incentive for our Topcoder Community members. We created two community leaderboards, one focused on our talented designers and one focused on our incredible developers.

Members who won money during any of the 88 competitions in this series were also awarded bonus points. Those with the most points at the end of the series were in line to capture additional earnings as part of a shared bonus payout!

We awarded 20 bonus payouts in total, 10 each to our top performing designers and developers respectively. Let’s take a moment to recognize the amazing talent that competed often and produced amazing design, code, and data science solutions during HPE’s Living Progress Challenge Design Phase.

Congratulations to the following members!

First let’s congratulate our top designers. Thank you for the incredible application designs, wireframes, data visualizations and more you created during this series of competitions. You brought the amazing social good application ideas to visual life!

First Placef0rc0d3r – Spain

Second Placepicachui – India

Third Placeuniverso – Indonesia

Fourth Placejohan_92 – Indonesia

Fifth Placelunana – China

Sixth PlaceRavijune – India

Seventh PlaceDaraK – Romania

Eighth Placeselvia_ettine – Indonesia

Ninth Placecoffeeandjunk – India

Tenth Placeeng01 – Indonesia

Thanks again to all of our outstanding designers who competed in the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Living Progress Challenge Design Phase and congratulations to our top 10!

Next, our top developers whose code, prototypes, API services and data science solutions powered the top ideas helping these teams make the crucial leap from a visualized app concept to a functioning app MVP. Thank you and congratulations to our top 10 !!!


First PlaceStandlove – China

Second Placenghi85 – Vietnam

Third Placesolokop – Vietnam

Fourth Placesoso0574 – China

Fifth Placequesks – Philippines

Sixth Placekondakovdmitry – Russian Federation

Seventh Placeibun – Indonesian

Eighth Placekiril.kartunov – Bulgaria

Ninth Placekinfkong – China

Tenth Placeketzjs09 – India

A huge thank you is due to all Topcoder developers who took part in the Design Phase of the HPE Living Progress Challenge. And once again, congrats to our top 10!

To our partners at HPE. Thank you for providing the bold vision for this amazing program and for your innovative use of crowdsourcing, helping all of the teams in your Living Progress Challenge accelerate their top social good ideas! Well done.

To all of the teams that participated, we also thank you. Your big ideas and willingness to roll-up your sleeves and learn to execute through crowdsourcing was inspirational! We are so proud to have helped your teams go from an idea to an app MVP in only 12 weeks! We wish the top 10 finalists the best of luck at their demo day and we’re excited for the next phase of the HPE Living Progress Challenge.

And finally to our Topcoder Community members – you rocked it!!! Your talent, your ability to collaborate and your passion to compete was on display for the world to witness. Don’t forget another HPE Living Progress Challenge phase – the Build Phase – is coming right up and will offer more bonus payouts! Continued good luck!


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