From famine and natural disasters to healthcare, there's no shortage of pressing problems facing the world today.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) decided to tackle those problems head on with the Living Progress Challenge, an innovative program that sought to create digital solutions to improve lives around the world. The challenge began by asking the global community to submit ideas and proposals that address a simple yet important question: what software tools and applications would you create to improve people’s lives?

HPE received more than 130 proposals from 28 countries around the world, and ultimately selected 17 teams to rapidly build on their ideas with Topcoder. In just 12 weeks, members from Topcoder's global talent network worked with the HPE-sponsored teams to develop UI/UX design concepts and clickable prototypes from their application ideas.

Ten teams were selected to demo their prototype solutions live on stage at the HPE Living Progress Challenge Finals in Brooklyn, and a panel of judges selected four finalist teams to complete development of their solutions with Topcoder. Today, these apps are in use on phones and tablets around the world, helping users make a positive difference in the world.

We’ve learned what can happen when revolutionaries partner with innovation giants — we can make the impossible, possible.

12 Weeks
Apps Built