Volunteerism has a positive impact on nearly every social cause imaginable, but it isn’t always easy for people to find volunteer opportunities they care about.

Points of Light, a nonprofit organization founded by President George H. W. Bush, is dedicated to encouraging and empowering a new kind of volunteerism for the 21st century. Their All for Good platform delivers the largest catalog of volunteer opportunities on the Internet, but they wanted to overhaul the platform with a fresh design and new technical capabilities to connect even more people with causes they care about.

Points of Light was a participant in Hewlett Packard Enterprise's Living Progress Challenge, an Innovation Program that asked people and companies to submit ideas for apps that positively impact the world. Their application idea was selected from more than 130 proposals to receive funding for design and development through Topcoder.

Topcoder broke the project down into small units of work—a process we call atomization—in order to attract hyper-specialized members from Topcoder's global network of talent to each phase of the project. A Topcoder copilot managed project logistics, from designing the user interface to building a clickable prototype to developing a ready-to-deploy application.

The new All for Good platform uses data, technology, and modern design to make volunteering faster and easier. Not only was the user experience reimagined and redeveloped with agency-quality designs, but the app also uses machine learning to help people connect with causes they can support with their time, talent, money, and social influence.

Working with HPE and the Topcoder Community has been a terrific experience, as it has helped us accelerate and refine our design approach to a long-planned overhaul of an important digital product that delivers on our mission.