In poor and developing countries, micro-banking has empowered hundreds of thousands of women to lift themselves out of poverty.

Pact, a nonprofit international development organization, developed its award-winning WORTH micro-banking program to help women develop new skills and pool savings they can borrow to start small businesses. Unlike micro-lending, WORTH provides no seed money; participants instead receive notebooks for record keeping and lock boxes for storing ledgers and savings. But with smartphones increasingly available in even the poorest countries, Pact wanted to develop a mobile app that helps users track group savings and loans.

Pact was a participant in Hewlett Packard Enterprise's Living Progress Challenge, an Innovation Program that asked people and companies to submit ideas for apps that positively impact the world. Pact's mobile app idea was selected from more than 130 proposals to receive funding for design and development through Topcoder.

Topcoder broke the project down into small units of work, including designing the user interface, building a clickable prototype, and developing a ready-to-deploy m-ledger mobile app. Hyper-specialized members from the Topcoder Community worked on each stage of the project, and a Topcoder copilot managed logistics and esured quality results.

Today, the MyWorth app makes it easy for groups to monitor savings balances, track intra-community loans for new businesses, simplify record-keeping, and improve credit worthiness—directly contributing to household economic advancement.

Time is money and money is time! The women we work with, primarily subsisting below internationally recognized poverty lines, have neither. That Topcoder can take a flat, textulized vision and actualize that as a workable accounting system to empower village savings-group women with money management and investment tools for catalytic change and expanded economic opportunities is phenomenal. HPE’s and Topcoder's gift of time will have an unprecedented impact on poor women’s lives globally!