May 5, 2016 HPE Crowdsourcing – Living Progress Challenge: Design and Development Topcoder Blitz

Today, Hewlett Packard Enterprise announced some fantastic news. The second phase of their ambitious Living Progress Challenge was concluded, delivering scores of unique crowdsourced proposals focused on their potential social impact. Now the fun can begin for you, our Topcoder Community members who will have the opportunity to both design and develop these ideas through a series of upcoming Topcoder challenges. But before we introduce our newest Topcoder Blitz, let’s quickly recap why HPE’s Living Progress Challenge is so important.

The Living Progress Challenge is an expansive social good campaign with 5 unique phases, using crowdsourcing throughout to solicit amazing ideas, and to then design, develop, and deploy them all through crowdsourcing challenges. HPE proposed a truly intriguing, yet simple question to the world:

What software applications and digital services would you create to improve lives?


We are extremely pleased to report that the first stage of Living Progress received almost 400 ideas and more than 130 detailed proposals from around the world. Up to 20 unique proposals will be selected to move onto the design and development stages of the overall competition. And now the fun can begin for you, our Topcoder members!

New Topcoder Blitz: Crowdsourcing Design & Development Series for HPE


Phase 3 of HPE’s Living Progress Challenge is called ‘Design’ but don’t let the name fool you. The ‘Design’ phase of this program will include a combined 100+ design and development challenges (in total) we’ll be hosting right here on Topcoder. And to top off this amazing opportunity, these challenges will be part of our newest Topcoder Blitz.

If you’re asking, “What’s a Topcoder Blitz?”, you’re going to want to read this informative page in detail explaining that a Topcoder Blitz is a series of challenges launched by a single Topcoder customer that gives points toward a bonus prize pool. At the end of a Blitz, the competitors who place high in the leaderboard win a portion of the prize pool in addition to their regular challenge prize winnings!

For this HPE Living Progress Challenge Topcoder Blitz, we’ve created a dedicated microsite where you can check out all the rules and the design and development prize pools that have an estimated combined total of $37,000 available in the form of bonus payouts.

Finally, we’ve made staying up to date with the HPE Topcoder Blitz super simple for you. Sign-up to receive timely email updates delivered to your inbox so you never miss an opportunity to earn more money as part of this unique Topcoder Blitz.

HPE Crowdsourcing Design and Development Challenges Begin Soon


To our amazing Topcoder members, whether you care to join these challenges because of the potential impact to people across the globe or the potential impact to your wallet, there’s really no wrong reason to register and consistently compete in this upcoming Topcoder Blitz. The first challenges in this Blitz will be going live soon. Be sure to check out the dedicated HPE Blitz microsite.

We’d like to thank our amazing partners at HPE who had the bold vision to create the Living Progress Challenge and to use Topcoder to execute on these amazing ideas that have the potential to help so many. We are truly proud to be a part of this innovative program.


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