June 23, 2020 Innovation Through Collaboration: Helping Industries Thrive in a Post-COVID World

Businesses and non-profits are especially hard-hit during this pandemic as the flow of capital to their business is simply not there or at best is a trickle of what was there just a few months ago. To aid recovery, Adobe is partnering with Topcoder to host a series of challenges on the Topcoder platform. Adobe Document Cloud is used by organizations of all sizes, and the series will focus on delivering useful, Adobe-based tools and solutions that can help SMBs, Non-Profits, Government Agencies, and the Educational community get back to work in a post-COVID environment.

Adobe document cloud & Topcoder Challenge series

Adobe Document Cloud has an awesome suite of tools, SDKs, APIs, and more. Through the Adobe Document Cloud & Topcoder COVID challenge series, Topcoder will shepherd talented developers to the Adobe stack and procure working PoCs through a structured series of challenges on the platform. By building and showcasing the art of the possible concepts, Adobe aims to help impacted companies and agencies by providing useful tools that help people get back to business. 

Part 1 of the series kicks things off with an educational challenge focused on introducing the Topcoder community to the Adobe PDF SDKs. The PDF SDKs provide tools that allow you to easily create seamless PDF viewing experiences in websites and applications. Challenge participants will learn how to embed a PDF viewer into a web application and track events happening inside the embedded PDF viewer through the Adobe PDF View SDK. They’ll learn how to create a PDF from static HTML and how to create a PDF from dynamic HTML with the Adobe PDF Services SDK

Part 2 of the series will focus on helping public service agencies easily measure and analyze the consumption of public information, and Part 3 on seamless collaborative learning in schools. 

You can learn more about this first challenge here.

Innovation Through Collaboration

We’re proud to run this challenge series with Adobe. Disruption requires finding new ways to get things done, and sharing resources is one way to facilitate that. It’s proven that enabling open collaboration leads to more innovation and better outcomes. This approach opens the aperture of what’s possible. We hope this series results in tools that businesses of all sizes can use to be resilient now and in a post-COVID world.

Visit this dedicated site for more information on this series here.

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