March 27, 2018 The New, Proven Model for Enterprise Application Delivery

When it comes to enterprise application delivery, business needs are changing. Traditional models of enterprise application delivery fail to meet three core expectations: speed, innovation, and access to top-tier development skills. It’s today’s cutting-edge crowd-based solutions that provide increased delivery speed and flexible, on-demand access to niche skills. And while crowdsourced development has been proven to work for thousands of businesses on a global level, enterprise adoption still has a long way to go.

Get our latest whitepaper on enterprise application delivery

In our new whitepaper from Everest Group, you’ll peer behind the curtain of application delivery with enterprise crowd-development. More specifically, the whitepaper details:

  • The key attributes of a winning enterprise-grade crowd-development model.
  • A checklist for enterprises to evaluate crowd-based development solutions.
  • Insights on key value drivers for an enterprise crowd-dev model — along with observed benefits that can be used to develop a business case.

See how crowdsourcing is changing the application delivery game.

Jiordan Castle


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