The new, proven model for application delivery

The application services industry has rapidly evolved and grown over the last three decades despite disruption from new delivery models and technologies — including SaaS, traditional license, and open source models. With digitalization as a strategic enterprise priority, the application services industry is on the cusp of another disruption governed by three core issues:

  • The need for Speed
  • Technology proliferation
  • A need for real-time innovation


Today’s traditional one-on-one supplier-customer relationships can be complemented with a global crowd of developers to address those needs. Crowdsourcing provides on-demand access to a large and diverse talent pool and offers consistent platform-based delivery and engagement. But how do you get started scaling crowdsourced programs to achieve great things?

This whitepaper from Everest Group details:

  • The key attributes of a winning enterprise-grade crowd-development model.

  • A checklist for enterprises to evaluate crowd-based development solutions.

  • Insights on key value drivers for an enterprise crowd-dev model — along with observed benefits that can be used to develop a business case.