July 22, 2020 Exploring the Potential of EdgeX with On Demand Talent

In late March of 2020, EdgeX Foundry and LF Edge challenged the Topcoder community to conceptualize new and unique industry use cases that leverage the EdgeX Foundry platform. EdgeX FoundryTM from the Linux Foundation is a vendor-neutral open source project hosted by LF Edge building a common open framework for IoT edge computing. For the Industrial IoT, EdgeX Foundry is a catalyst for pushing innovation that accelerates the deployment of IoT solutions. 

Phase 1 of the EdgeX IOT Innovation Challenge series is complete and the winners are in. Hear from Topcoder enterprise partners and challenge judges, and Topcoder community members who submitted winning concepts.

Every individual submission was unique in how it explored the features and the underlying potential of the EdgeX framework.

Madhusudan Pai, Product/Solution Strategy Wipro


Over the 30 days of Phase 1 of the series, 113 registrants represtinging 10 countries proposed 20 unique concepts. Of those submissions, 10 winners were chosen with concepts ranging from fuel inventory control for downstream oil and gas, health clinic occupancy monitoring systems, parking management, industrial machinery power consumption management, and many more. With phase one complete, we are now heading into extended phases that will continue to tap the Topcoder community to further explore the proof of concepts.

Thank you to our sponsors and partners at Dell Technologies, Intel, EdgeX Foundry, LF Edge, HP, IOTech and Wipro for pushing innovation, and congratulations to the Topcoder community members who won during Phase 1.

The vast majority of the submissions really innovated around how to apply EdgeX to produce a real world solution.

Jim White, Chief Technology Officer, IOTech Systems

For additional information about LF Edge or EdgeX Foundry:

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