November 28, 2019 Closing Reception at TCO19

TCO19 is officially a wrap! The last day of the event started with the UI Final 2 competition where the designers were asked to focus on designing the Digital Product Catalog experience on a mobile device, thus keeping only the essential information and user experience. This time they had two hours to design and the results turned out great. 

Once the design competition closed, the much awaited Algorithm Final round started. It is always exciting for the audience to see how members challenge one another to get more points.

Finalists watching the Algorithm competition

At 3:30 PM the Champion Announcements and Awards were kicked off by Nick Castillo. Nick started with the introduction of Sebastien Matringe of Hess, our sponsor for the award ceremony, who came to the stage and said a few words. Dave Messinger then talked about his appreciation for our community and mentioned that this was his best TCO ever as both the TCO and the Innovation Summit happened in the same place.

Sebastien Matringe of Hess discussing the importance of talent to innovation in Houston

The first trophy that was awarded was the Spirit Award, to scott_wu. The Spirit Award was started many years ago after we lost a few Topcoder members in tragic accidents. This award is in memory of those members we’ve lost and is given to the member at TCO who best personifies the Topcoder spirit.

Then came the Hackathon teams’ turn to take the spotlight in front of the large number of finalists and have their winners announced – it was the Dr Rice team who was awarded first place.

The trip winners were then invited to the stage for a big rounds of applause for all their efforts: copilot trip winners, problem writers, design month winners, etc.

Trip winners on stage

For the first time in the history of TCO, this year we had one champion for two tracks: tourist. He became the TCO19 champion for both the Algorithm and Marathon tracks. Hats of to his achievement!!

Tourist, TCO19 Algorithm and Marathon Match champion

For Algorithm the second and third place winners were lyrically and mnbvmar.

The other finalists were: _aid, ACRush, Deretin, ecnerwal, Egor, maroon_kuri, Petr, rng_58, scott_wu, snuke, Um_nik, uwi, xudyh.

The second place on Marathon Match was taken by nika, while the third place went to sullyper. The other TCO19 Marathon Match finalists were: atsT5515, Daiver19, gasin, iehn, Milanin, mugurelionut, tanzaku, tomerun, wleite.

The competition was strong for the development finalists as well, but jiangliwu managed to become our champion this year, followed by seriyvolk83 and wenbin.  The other finalists that competed were: banerjeesourish, Dheeraj2202, MiG-29, nghi85, NightWolf, paolog, and thothling.

Development finalists
Jiangliwu, the TCO19 development champion

The UI Design final had a new format this year, a tournament style based on two RUX-es of one hour and two UI Finals of two hours each. The ranking changed a lot, but in the end we had a first time TCO finalist from India become the champion: L.O.I . He was followed up by PereViki and iamtong

L.O.I, the TCO19 UI Design champion

The other UI Design Finalists who competed were: djackmania, eriantoongko, iaminfinite, Khanhlinh, Ravijune, starck181995, universo, yoki.

The 2019 First2Finish Champion is veshu, while the second place went to neonray and third place to phoenix103. Congrats to the winners and all the other First2Finish finalists: ahmed.seddiq, dhruvit_r, gurmeetb, ketzjs09, moulyg, neonray, NightWolf, phoenix103, veshu, wenbin.

Veshu, the TCO19 First2Finish champion

For the first time in the history of TCO, we had a QA competition with leaderboards and graphs of bugs solved and all the needed ingredients. The TCO19 QA competition prize was won by v.t. The second place went to codejam and third place went to Kiranmaroj

The other finalists were: antjohns, julia_vladi, mishacucicea, moulyg and SATKAN.

v.t, the TCO19 QA Champion

Congratulations to all TCO19 Champions!

All TCO19 champions
All TCO19 finalists


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