November 25, 2020 A TCO20 Thank You

It’s not every day there is a global pandemic and life changes massively. That’s how life is right now but we didn’t let that stop us from celebrating our amazing community at the 2020 Topcoder Open.

Welcome Video to Kick off the Event

TCO is such an important piece of our community. It’s a time to gather together, to enjoy time with each other, celebrate our community members, watch our top performing and incredibly talented members compete for the championship prize, and be in person with people we interact with every day, virtually. COVID-19 couldn’t take that all away from us. It may have prevented us from hopping on a plane and giving hugs in person but we were still all together, virtually, doing our celebrations.

Thank you to all our amazing community members for being there at our event with us. Every single Topcoder member who showed up on Hopin or wherever we were streaming, thank you so much. It meant the world to all of us at Topcoder to see you watching and cheering on your favorite members. 

Thank you to our finalists and trip winners who worked so hard to earn a ticket to the finals and then BAM – can’t come. It was very sad and disappointing having to tell you it was going to be a different TCO finals but thank you for going with the flow. For providing us with videos of yourself, to waiting patiently for your swag to arrive, and for showing up on Hopin with a smile and with your gratitude. It’s really important to note that you were robbed the most out of anyone but you were still present and the event still mattered to you – thank you for that.

Thank you to all our Topcoder staff and community helpers for making TCO work amazingly well. TCO has always been the ultimate teamwork machine. It doesn’t matter what level you are within Topcoder, come TCO time, we’re all working hard, moving boxes, and pitching in. The same was true for our virtual TCO. The amount of Topcoder staff and members who came together to make sure TCO ran true and honest was amazing to see. There was so much to coordinate, so many boxes to check off, but in the end, by working as a team, we were successful. TCO is not one person, it truly is a team. Thank you to everyone who chipped in this year.

Thank you to all our sponsors for being a part of our event. It’s so rewarding for us to find companies who care about TCO as much as we do. Thank you Alefedge,, Digital Ocean, JetBrains, IT Crowd, and Nowcoder. We truly appreciate your support.

Congratulations to our new TCO champions! We are so proud of your accomplishment and look forward to seeing all you do in the future as well.

Finally, thanks to all the members who took part in our contests! Congratulations to our winners:

TCO Scavenger Hunt:

  • kreasindo
  • JaydevMehta
  • Neilblaze
  • ignaciocanta
  • Quarz
  • impriyansh
  • MdAbedin
  • aditsu
  • Rokit12
  • Andiirawanart

Social winner:

TCO prize packs coming your way!

If you’re new to our Topcoder community or don’t know what TCO is – I implore you to learn or reach out to me to find out. TCO can be a life changing experience and it’s one of the best things about our community. Join us next year…!

Head of Community


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