February 20, 2019 A Challenge for a New T-Shirt

In the past years, we have had some amazing Topcoder t-shirts and we recently decided we wanted something new and exciting! We wanted it to be creative, interesting, to represent all Topcoder’s tracks and to have such a great model that it can be gifted or used in onsite events too.

What did we do for this? Ran a challenge of course! We asked the community to explore out of the box ideas and new possibilities to make something unique, to visually talk crowdsourcing as well as design, development and algorithm tracks.

The results we got were amazing! In round 1, we received 19 submissions and in round 2 we received 10 submissions. We had a hard time picking up winners in the final round, so instead of 2 placements as initially planned, we picked up 5!

Congratulations to the winners and especially restoe_boemi, who won 4 placements, and submitted an impressive number of 11 designs for the second round!

1st: restoe_boemi

2nd: restoe_boemi

3rd: ted181

4th: restoe_boemi

5th: restoe_boemi

For this challenge, we had a new design copilot, vlack, who handled his first challenge like a PRO. His thoughts about copiloting this challenge and seeing the designs:

“It is an amazing experience to understand how everything played out from the inside. Seeing how the designers came up with completely different (and awesome) solutions based on the specifications you have written is pretty rewarding. But then, you also have the added value of reading the different interpretations of the Topcoder staff of those designs. It makes the whole picture for you.

In general, I would say, it was a masterclass in perspective and a phenomenal way of experimenting at first hand the power of Crowdsourcing.”

You can see the results below:

1st – restoe_boemi
2nd – restoe_boemi
3rd – ted181
4th – restoe_boemi
5th – restoe_boemi

Other designs that we loved:

6th – ngraphics
7th – sutowo
8th – restoe_boemi
9th – chamdi

Thank you to all our designers for such awesome work!


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