December 22, 2017 2017 Top 10 Topcoder Open Moments!

In no particular order, check out my top 10 TCO moments from 2017.
A few of my favorites!
So much fun 2017 was! Take a look at my top 10 Topcoder Open moments from 2017.
What were your favorites?

#1 – Topcoder Colors Grace Niagara Falls!

The TCO17 Finals location announcement is definitely a top 10 from 2017. I got to travel to Niagara Falls on the Canadian side and make the announcement live in front of the falls on Facebook.
But that is not all, the falls were lit up with Topcoder colors! Amazing, right!?
Reminisce and watch the live video here. Or check out the official location reveal video here.

#2 – Animated Harshit Kills It at TCO

I will laugh over this (up^) every time I see it! It was at the TCO Finals. A few of us were having a late night getting stuff done. Harshit told us the story about how water spilled on a UPS power saver with some very animated motions. It was amazing!
We laughed and laughed all night and then some recalling and watching his explanation. It’s always a good time being with our team onsite at TCO!

#3 – A TCO17 Recap Story

The TCO17 final video recap. I LOVE watching the recap of the event. It always moves me to tears. This video is no different. Filmed and produced by Topcoder member Cendhika, enjoy the fun, the passion, and the love that flows from the event through the video.

#4 – Chicken Wing Trophy Fit for a King

The TCO17 chicken wing contest! It was the first time we’ve ever done something like this and it was a hit! Not only were the five different wings for tasting delicious, but the trophy I found was ridiculous! Loved the trophy, loved the wings, and loved how fun it was a TCO. Definitely top 10 worthy!

#5 – TCO Family Vacations

Sometimes Topcoder members bring their families to TCO. We’ve had a number of honeymooners throughout the years, families with children coming year after year, and even one wedding and one proposal at TCO!
It is a great honor to me to have Topcoder members share their special moments and families with TCO. This past year, we had a number of TCO members bring their families – including our TCO F2F Champ akinwale pictured here. I loved seeing the kids, giving them Topcoder kiddie t-shirts, and sharing something special with them.

#6 – TCO Road Trip! Buffalo or Bust!

I live in southeastern Connecticut – about a 6-7 hour drive to Buffalo. This year, I collected a few Topcoder members/dear friends and my colleague Harshit to make an epic car ride to TCO17. It was a long day, it was tiring, but it was fun! A true TCO highlight for the year.

#7 – There is no “I” in Team

I work with some of the best people. This past year, I was super lucky to have some amazing people added to the TCO team.
Member DaraK stepped up in a big way helping out with TCO. Was so lucky to have her!
Harshit from our India office took on a bigger role traveling to almost all of our regional events.
From quesks to Nick to adroc to t-mac and mess – TCO wouldn’t have been what it was without them and many others. 2017 was a great team work year overall.
Let’s also not forget a special shoutout to our TCO bloggers and our CAB group. Wonderful folks all around.

#8 – A City That Got It

Each year we spend lots of time finding the perfect fit for TCO. Where do we host the finals, which sponsor is the right fit, what city works best are all questions we ask ourselves as we’re talking to partners. This year we were so blessed to find Buffalo – a city that truly got it. The understood the message behind TCO, they appreciated the value TCO would bring to their city, and they welcomed us with open arms. Bringing TCO to Buffalo was definitely a top 10 of the year. Not only did the Mayor of the city come to the event but the Lieutenant Governor of the state of New York flew up to Buffalo just to be there and help us close out the event.
Thank you Buffalo!

#9 – TCO17 Meets Bangalore

We took TCO to Bangalore this year for the first-time ever. The TCO17 India Regional Event is definitely one of the top ten moments of TCO this past year. Our India team outdid themselves on decorations, sponsors, new ideas, and more!
We had a record amount of attendees – some old faces and new. Positive feedback all around from this event that we can’t wait to try and outdo for next year!

#10 – Finalist Emails Score Perfect 10

I get the pleasure of notifying finalists when they win a trip. It’s seriously one of the best parts of my job. Being able to email hard working Topcoder members and tell them they just won a trip to the TCO17 Finals is truly gratifying for me. The responses I get sometimes bring me to tears. I loved some of this year’s email responses.
The emails I get from the members are a top 10 in my book because it shows how much the tournament means to them.

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