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AOL XMPP Gateway
Application Overview

The XMPP Gateway project has been re-launched with a full timeline. All of the competition kinks have been worked out, so here is your chance to earn $30,000 and build an exciting enterprise system that could be used by millions of people.

The XMPP Gateway provides a communication interface to the AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) platform that is compliant with eXtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP). This allows XMPP and Jabber clients to sign on to the AIM network for instant messaging.

The XMPP Gateway is composed of a series of components built through the TopCoder Component Production methodology. Additionally, a set of components has been developed to utilize the AIM SDK.

Specific tasks of this application include:
  • Signing on to AIM
  • Displaying the Buddy List/Roster
  • Managing Contacts
  • Sending and Receiving Instant Messages
  • Sharing Buddy Icons
  • Hosting and Joining Group Chat
The application does not include:
  • Streaming of Audio or Video
  • Direct Connect to other clients
All code for the application is contained within components. Teams will be responsible for configuration of the components, configuration of the application, conversion of prototype (to content templates) and evaluation/enhancement of components.

These applications are to be used by a TopCoder client. All application documentation (including an assembly guide) will be available once registered.

NOTE: Please see eligibility requirements below. Competitors must sign a non-disclosure agreement before being admitted into this competition.

Competition Overview
This assembly competition will consist of prototype conversion, component integration, and extensive unit testing to ensure correct operation.

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Each team will be responsible for creating their working environment. The working environment requirement details for this application are outlined in the Application Requirements Specification located in the documentation bundle. An overview of the environment requirements are listed below:
  • Java 1.5
  • Windows XP
  • Linux
TopCoder will compensate teams with first and second place submissions. Initial payment for the winning team will be distributed in two installments. First Checkpoint: When the winning solution is submitted and review board suggestions are integrated. Second Checkpoint: Marked by the completion of the Deployment phase of the project.

Winning Team
Total Payment - $30,000

Second Place Team
Total Payment - $15,000

You must be a TopCoder member, at least 18 years of age, meeting all of the membership requirements. In addition, you must fit into one of the following categories.

If you reside in the United States, you must be either:
  • A US Citizen
  • A Lawful Permanent Resident of the US
  • A temporary resident, asylee, refugee of the U.S., or have a lawfully issued work authorization card permitting unrestricted employment in the U.S.
If you do not reside in the United States:
  • You must be authorized to perform services as an independent contractor. (Note: In most cases you will not need to do anything to become authorized)
All submissions are required to be submitted by the end of Competition Phase. The end of each phase is at 9:00 AM EST.

Team Creation:10.25.200610.30.2006
Competition Phase:10.25.200611.15.2006
Review Phase:11.15.200611.22.2006
Feedback Phase:11.22.200611.23.2006

Registration is closed.

Once your team has working code you are ready to submit, you can do so by emailing your source code to before the end of the Competition Phase. Your team can submit code as many times as you wish before the submission deadline without any penalties. The last code submitted prior to the deadline will be used as your final submission.