June 11, 2021

Topcoder Nation Show #5: AMA with PereViki

Life and design talk with PereViki, the top designer with an astonishing skyrocketing career within the community, classifying to a TCO in her first months as a member, how did she pull that off?

00:00 - Start
04:06 - 05:55 Favorite things to do in Hungary
06:02 - 07:58 Her business degree and design background
08:30 - 11:00 How she decided to become a designer
12:10 - 15:20 A typical day in Viki’s life
15:50 - 21:25 Struggles of remote work, Viki working from the Himalaya
22:16 - 24:09 Dealing with life work balance and COVID-19
24:10 - 25:10 Concerns of working as a single mother
27:15 - 30:50 Succeeding as a designer to win in a regular basis
32:49 - 37:00 Topcoder as a family
37:40 - the end] Ask Me Anything Session

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