June 11, 2021

Topcoder Nation Show #4: AMA with Ghostar

Legend and history are nouns that share in common a six letter word: Ghostar. He has been around for more than fifteen years, participating in many realms of the Topcoder opportunities. Much wisdom and experince to share.

0:00 Intro
02:15 Starting in Topcoder twenty (20) years ago
03:50 Quitting his job to work with Topcoder
04:28 His career in the early days, first copilot ever
06:34 What it is like to be a copilot
08:02 How to succeed as a copilot
13:05 Using the community talent to solve unique problems
15:45 Using todoist, slack and github to successfully manage multiple challenges at a time
18:50 Hobbies and running marathons with Can Too
26:36 Educating himself as technology changes fast
28:58 Learning code by doing
30:23 Why Topcoder
30:25 Ask Me Anything Session

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