August 20, 2020

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Payment Related FAQ

1. How do I withdraw my payments ?
a. Please ensure you are logged in.
b. Navigate to payments page and select the payments to withdraw.

2. I am unable to withdraw payments.
a. Please check you have submitted applicable tax form.
b. Please ensure you have requested to setup your payment method.
c. The Release date of your payment has arrived.

3. Can I setup more than 1 payment method ?
The system supports only 1 active payment method at a time. Payments are always processed using the current active method.

4. I wish to change my payment method ?
If you wish to change your active payment method, please setup your new payment method. Please raise a support request for changing your current active method.

5. How do I know, whats my current payment method ?
Payment method is not displayed due to security reasons. Please save a copy of your email correspodence (that you have sent to support) for setting up payment method.

6. Does Topcoder recommend a payment method based on location ?
No. The charges for each method may vary based on location. Please check with your payment provider support to know the exact fees & charges involved.

7. What is payment release date ?
All payments are subject to 15 day hold. Payments can be withdrawn after the release date.

8. I see the release date is set to 30 days instead of 15 ?
By default, payments are created with 30 day release window due to legacy reasons.They are auto set to release in 15 days in 2 business days.

9. When are the weekly gig payments processed ?
Weekly gig payments are processed on every Tuesday (EST Time) for previous week. The payments will be usually be visible in PACTS in same day or the next day. If Tuesday falls on a public holiday, the payments will be processed on next business day.

10. How long it takes for the payments to reach the payment provider ?
In case of Payoneer and Paypal, the transfer is made instantly after clicking the “Pay Me” button. However, it can take around 1 business day for the payment to appear in payment provide portal.
Western Union payments are processed twice a month. The selected payments will be marked as “Entered into payment system” and will be processed in the next cycle. Western Union payments can take upto 3 business days to appear in user account, after processing.

11. What is the meaning of various payment statuses ?
Please check the help article

12. I am from Wipro, how do I release my payments ?
Wipro payments are auto processed by payroll. There is no requirement to submit any paperwork at Topcoder. All Wipro payments are initially created as “On Hold” status. The status is auto updated to “Entered into Payment system” into 2 business days.

13. I have a question related to tax form ?
Topcoder cannot provide any tax advice due to legal reasons. Please consult your tax advisor for guidance. Please write “N/A” for any field that you wish to leave blank, as the form doesn’t accept blank responses.

14. Do payments have an expire date ?
As per current policy, payments do not have an expiry date. Changes to policy, if any, will be communicated in advance to members.

15. I have won a challenge but I don’t see the payment in PACTS yet ?
Payments are processed in batches. It can take upto 12 hours for the payment to visible in PACTS, after challenge conclusion.

16. Can a minor claim prize money ?
No, you must be the age of majority to participate or engage in activities involving payment. Please check our website terms of use for details. If any payment is generated for a minor, it will be cancelled and will not be paid.

17. I am receiving an error “Payoneer account is not active” while withdrawing payments ?
This error occurs, when you haven’t completed the Payoneer linkage with Topcoder. Please check the invitation link, that was sent in payment steup ticket, and notify us that you have linked your Payoneer account from your side.

18. I am receiving the below error while withdrawing from Paypal ?
Please confirm that your PayPal account is established properly and that any credit card on file with PayPal is “verified”

Please consult Paypal support to resolve the error. It usually means the paypal account is not fully configured to accept international payments.

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