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gopi_garlapati hiii lilly_mark
Lilly_Mark Hi there
gopi_garlapati hi this is Gopi nath from india..
Lilly_Mark Hi there... hows it going ?
Lilly_Mark brb... 2mins
gopi_garlapati i think today ur company is going to conduct the competetion right?
gopi_garlapati fine going here..
vanchope hi to all!!!!
renatoufv hi
vania hi
chenxin1_5 hi
enoyhs Good day Eli Lilly representives!
zdravko_b hi
gopi_garlapati hiii
Lilly_Andy Hi - welcome to the Eli Lilly Chat session - we have representatves from different parts of our Discovery IT business, that is the arm of IT which supports the Drug Discovery and Development, we are happy to try
Lilly_Andy and answer any questions you may have
vanchope so, welcome :)
gopi_garlapati whre are you from?
Lilly_Andy I am from the UK.....
Lilly_Jaroslav Czech republic for myself...
Lilly_Andy Mark is also from UK
vanchope :)
coder29 `does lilly has asny intership program in nearby future
Lilly_Andy Jaroslav will be online very shortly - he is based in Prague, CR
zdravko_b like this summer :) ?
Lilly_Andy we are also expecting two other repreesentatives, from US and Singapore
gopi_garlapati lilly_andy wat is the process involved in finding new medicines?
renatoufv do you have repreesentatives from Brazil?
FullMetal Hi, do you sponsor visas for candidates overseas?
gopi_garlapati do u have any representative from india
Lilly_Andy The overall process invoves coming up with a scientific hypothesis - you then make molecules that meet the hypothesis......
Lilly_Andy test them against assays
Lilly_Andy review the resullst......
Lilly_Andy make changes......
Lilly_Andy more tests/anaylysis
Lilly_Andy then you make it and the market it....
Lilly_Andy sounds simple
Lilly_Andy but the whole process can take 10-12 years !
zdravko_b Lilly_Andy: So do you expect some bio background in addition to the cs?
coder29 hello andy excuse me sir.....does topcoder has any intership program goin on?
Lilly_Andy we try and speed the process up for our scientific community
coder29 excuse me sir.....does lilly has any intership program goin on?
coder29 in india?
gopi_garlapati yes sir do u have any internship programs in india?
gopi_garlapati do u have requitments in india
renatoufv and what about Brazil?
Lilly_Andy zdravko_b: hi - no it is not vital - but having a desire to understand is great !
Lilly_Rick Internship programs are generally focused on select US Universities
qpingu Can you name a few of those?
abs_abs so is there any operations thats going on in India ?.., so that coders hare can benefit from it
ibommisetty Lilly_Andy: do you expect cs background?
coder29 sir do u have any ofice in india?
qpingu I just sent off my college apps, that's all
gopi_garlapati do u have any jobs from india?
zdravko_b Lilly_Andy: Are there any internship positions in the UK? I wouldn't start a job directly into such a new field ...
gopi_garlapati i think you can briefly explain about ur company?
Lilly_Andy ibommisetty: hi - yes - or some good work experience in that area
Lilly_Rick Lilly recruiting is conducted at major midwestern universities (Purdue, IU, Iowa, etc) and internships arise from those interviews
FullMetal Lilly_Andy: Do you sponsor visas for any of your locations?
ibommisetty Lilly_Andy: hi - Im an Indian citizen working in India. Where do you think I can apply?(location)
qpingu Lilly_Rick: So no CMU? That's a bummer
gopi_garlapati can youexplain about your company?..
Lilly_Mark gopi - Lilly is a global pharmecutical company, specialising in novel drug discovery, we all work in the "early drug discovery" area, hence working with scientists etc
Lilly_Rick Agreed, but we can't cover every institution
gopi_garlapati in which countries u r boomed in?
Lilly_Andy FullMetal: we do sponsor visas - but they are dependant on experience etc. we'd work through each case individually
Lilly_Mark We have offices.. in most countries (but not all of these are research areas) some are sales manufacturing etc etc
Lilly_Andy ibommisetty: Hi - if you are interested Singapore a definitely possible - however, work through our TC representative and we could review all applications individually
FullMetal Lilly_Andy: Nice to know, only few companies sponsor visas these days
gopi_garlapati wat is your position in the global market?
Lilly_Mark depends in which research area ?...
gopi_garlapati may be overall
TopRushers Lilly_Andy: hello, your company is well for me .
jmpld40 If you are interested in applying for Lilly, go here.
Lilly_Andy FullMetal: yes - but it is very dependant on the individual case
Lilly_Mark we specialise in .. Diabetes, Cancer, psychiatric
Lilly_Mark as well as other... diseases states
Lilly_Andy TopRushers: Good - i'm glad we are of interest - that is what we ar here for
gopi_garlapati can you say about ur work expeirience
connect4 Oh great Lilly Representative People: are you guys hiring in US positions, or are you limited to non-US locales?
Lilly_Andy You are all very quiet - we have people from US/UK and Czech Rep in the room - any specific questions
Lilly_Rick I am the US representative, and we are hiring in Indianapolis!
jmpld40 Lilly folks, what makes Lilly a great place to work?
Lilly_Mark Company.. is very people orientated
connect4 Lilly_Rick: I know you're here primarily for computer stuff, but are you conveniently needing any analytical chemistry-type-people?
Lilly_Andy Its great to be able to make a differnce to peoples health and quality of life
wcfairytale does Lilly hire girls too?
Lilly_Andy sure - we have many men and women !
Lilly_Rick Unsure of whether LRL is hiring - best to check lilly.com
wcfairytale Good!
connect4 Thank ya kindly
shuaib.akram can any one tell what Eli Lilly is
shuaib.akram is it an organisation??
connect4 It's a bunch of random letters that form the name of an internation pharmaceutical company.
Lilly_Rick LRL is our scientific research and development area
Lilly_Mark We are a global pharmecutical company.
lukasz1981 How many people does Lily employ
ilham shuaib.akram: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eli_Lilly_and_Company
Lilly_Mark about.. 40,000
liggen someone's name is orange
Lilly_Andy 42000
Lilly_Jaroslav shuaib.akram: Eli Lilly is pretty large pharmaceutical company.
Lilly_Andy approximateley!!
connect4 liggen: yes, those are the admins.
lukasz1981 how many developers searches Lilyy for ?:)
shuaib.akram thank you all
feira Lilly_Andy: Hi, I am undergrad student from Singapore..expecting to graduate this year. is there any opportunity open in your singapore branch?
ilham I'm wondering, what kinds of skill set Eli Lilly are looking for at the moment?
lukasz1981 Does Lily have location in Berlin ?
Lilly_Andy we are looking for 15-20 globally....
Lilly_Andy primarily in Singapore, Poland, US, UK
lukasz1981 Poland ? Thats great
dinoj18 Wats the eleigiblity criteria
lukasz1981 which city
Lilly_Jaroslav Warsaw
Lilly_Mark Our offices in Germany, are Bad-Homburg, and Giessen (Manufacturing)
Lilly_Andy feira: Definitely yes !!! get your details to Katie Kittle at topcoder - they will be sent through to my collegue in Singapore
srik_sama For which areas of work you are looking out for people now?
Lilly_Andy feira: we were expecting him to be online as well
jmpld40 You can email Katie at kkittle@topcoder.com
Lilly_Andy feira: we were expecting him to be online as well
Lilly_Rick Desired skill sets are object oriented analysis and design of custom software
jmpld40 she's on her way in the chat now!
ilham Lilly_Rick: thanks
jmpld40 you can also apply for Lilly positions here.
dinoj18 Lilly_Andy: Whats the eligiblity criteria
wcfairytale in Lilly what kind of personality will be apreciate?
ahyangyi Lilly_Andy: i'm wondering whether you're looking for Chinese employees
Lilly_Andy srik_sama: For this recruitment, we are looking for highly skilled developers, with an interest in Science
ilham Lilly_Rick: So you are more interested into s/w developers?
lyc1977 What kind of positions that Lilly offering are suitable for people from TopCoder community? Software engineer? Computational Biologist?
ilham Lilly_Rick: rather than e.g. r&d?
Lilly_Mark I think the answer to that is ... Lilly has people with all personalitys
ahyangyi Lilly_Mark: it sounds wonderful :)
Lilly_Mark but... respect for people.... is one of the key values.
feira Lilly_Andy: oh thanks, err.. what technology does your software engineer use? .NET ? Java? else?
ilham lyc1977: that hits the spot i want to ask much better
Lilly_Rick ilham: Yes, we represent the Discovery IT group at Lilly - software engineering for our scientists in Lilly Research Laboratories
Lilly_Mark mostly we are using C# for production solutions
srik_sama Lilly_Andy: Will the people you recruit now will work on fields like 'sales force effectiveness', 'brand management' etc.. or will they contribute during drug development process
Lilly_Mark but we do have... other technologies, as well, we have some legacy Java, and coldfusion as well.
lukasz1981 What are the chances for Top Coders programming in C++ instead of C#
ilham Lilly_Rick: I see
Lilly_Rick samsam: No offices in Inida, but we work with several Inian companies
Lilly_Andy dinoj18: it depands on the role - but we usually look for people with CS degree, plus experience - for new gradutes we look for extra development areas to help them be successful in our organisation
gopi_garlapati can you name several indian companies?
Lilly_Andy dinoj18: desire to develop - not just technical
Lilly_Mark We tend to try and make most applications "web orientated" where we can, this lowers the footprint of client server installations,
Lilly_Mark (we have 42000 employees... so deploying / upgrading clients can be a big task)
dinoj18 Lilly_Andy: How to apply ??
katie hello all. if anyone is interested in opps with eli lilly, please email me at kkittle@topcoder.com
ahyangyi katie: hello :)
feira katie: hi
Lilly_Rick samsam: we'll look at any qualified candidate
ilham hello
abhicool Lilly_Andy: so fresh graduates from India can be directly associated with Lilly or with other companies working with Lilly in India
lukasz1981 Do you need strong german(or english is enough) skills in german departments?
Lilly_Mark English is used globally.. in the company
feira katie: is there any deadline to send application?
Lilly_Mark fluency .. is not required.. (but basic ability will help)
lukasz1981 thats great
Lilly_Mark fluency .. is not required.. (but basic ability will help)
Lilly_Andy dinoj18: you can apply through topcoder - Katie Kittle is our recruitment rep
katie feira: no deadline
dinoj18 Lilly_Andy: Thanx...
FullMetal Lilly_Andy: Do you have career plans for employees?
katie feira: feel free to email me and we can chat about it
katie feira: kkittle@topcoder.com
Lilly_Rick samsam: If you work for TCS and get assigned to the Lilly account, you would have an opportunity to demonstrate your skills
Lilly_Mark Career, path at Lilly, is very important. There is many opportunities to move about the company.
Lilly_Andy abhicool: we do not have a discovery/development team in India - but we work with a number of partners
feira Lilly_Andy: could you explain more about the work? I mean like working hours? night shift (if any)?
dinoj18 Lilly_Andy: Do you have any tie ups with Indian company???
Lilly_Mark I have had... about 5-6 roles since joining Lilly.
raiq are there any summer internship opportunities for students of computer science?
Lilly_Mark We don't code on the night shift ;-)
feira katie: oo.. ok katie.thanks. First, I guess I need to setup my resume
Lilly_Jaroslav feira: Usual business working hours - no night shifts :-O
klopyrev Hello
feira Lilly_Jaroslav: great
klopyrev Do you hire interns for co-op terms?
lukasz1981 which is the nearest department location to Berlin?
Lilly_Jaroslav lukasz1981: Warsaw or Prague
bkeshari What are the positions you offer to new grad in Comp. Sci?
raiq Lilly_Jaroslav: are there any summer internship opportunities for students of computer science?
feira Lilly_Jaroslav: how bout the career prospect of being software engineer? we know.. the primary focus of eli lilly is pharmaceutical not IT
Lilly_Jaroslav raiq: Not usually for Comp. Sci.
glue2glee yeah, i was thinking about the same thing..
ilham To the Lilly's reps, could you share your experience so far in the company regarding career ladder and work ethics?
feira Lilly_Jaroslav: I mean the career advancement path .. would we stay being software engineer forever?
shuaib.akram what are the oppurtunities for graduates in electronics and communication engineers?
Lilly_Jaroslav raiq: Not usually for Comp. Sci.
Lilly_Jaroslav feira: The prospects are pretty good. You can not develop many drugs without support from computers these days.
Lilly_Mark We generate... a lot of data.. so this all needs processing and analysing.
Lilly_Jaroslav feira: There are many opportunities in Lilly. It's large company.
jagatsastry how'bout the package?
Lilly_Mark Not many roles in electronics / and comms I am afraid..
the_perk how much is starting salary?
max_ashi are there any opportunities for people in database field
Unwind At What stages of drug discovery do an IT professional be involved the most.
shuaib.akram and for programming do u need developing softwares??
Lilly_Mark ALL of them... Uwind.
the_perk I have a M.S. and 1 year intern experience and 6 months of work at HP...
shuaib.akram or working on old softwares
the_perk in Computer Science
Lilly_Mark pretty much every piece of scientific equipment has a PC attached to it these days.
renatoufv Do you work with external memory processing? Are there apportunites for external memory algorithm programmers?
Lilly_Mark yes... akram.. we do develop bespoke software.
deepfritz01 Do you have your office in India ?
jagatsastry Do you offer internships
abhicool Lilly_Mark: Since Lilly does not has a dev team in India, so does Lilly still looks to recruit Indians and help them relocate? or Lilly looks forward to recruit only locales to the dev teams?
jagatsastry for undergraduates
Lilly_Andy Regarding the package - we are competitive within the market place - each application is considered on its individual merits based on experience and skills
feira Lilly_Jaroslav: it's true.. but the thing in my mind is that.. even if eli lilly is large company, most of the job is about pharmaceutical.. and PROBABLY only small-size division of IT. correct me if I am wrong
katie anyone interested in applying to lilly, regardless of your location, please email me at kkittle@topcoder.com
the_perk with a resume?
srik_sama Can you throw more light on the day to day work/responsibilites of Technology professional at Lilly?
shuaib.akram am in engineering first year can i apply???
Unwind Clinical Trials would have lot of data capturing and subsequent processing. Do you do it yourself or outsource.
jagatsastry any internship opportunity for undergraduates
max_ashi i am going to be a graduate in this may. should i apply now??
Lilly_Mark Clinical trials.. tend to come later, once we have a molecule that looks good..
Lilly_Mark early drug discovery generates the MOST data..
Lilly_Andy Regarding opportunities and relocation/vias's, we are open to this in specific cases, where people have distinct skills and the destination country is able to support the application.......
Lilly_Mark and making sense of it all... is what leads you to discover a molecule that can work as a drug.
Lilly_Andy best to apply through Katie Kittle at TopCoder and we can review each person
katie max_ashi: yes, feel free to email me at kkittle@topcoder.com in order to get your credentials over to lilly
Lilly_Jaroslav feira: Well, we cannot compare with companies that are purely software based. But nobody says you will stay in software development for ever.
shuaib.akram am in engineering first year can i apply???
feira Lilly_Jaroslav: ok
Lilly_Andy applications can be made through Katie at any time, obviously potential timings would vary based on individual circumstances
dhoni Lilly_Jaroslav: Lilly has offices in Indian too, right?
Lilly_Jaroslav dhoni: No, we do not have research in India.
yoge_babu what skill set do you expect?
StevieT Lilly_Jaroslav: Do you have a UK office?
Lilly_Jaroslav StevieT: Yes.
max_ashi what i need to send to kkittle@topcoder.com for applying for a job?
dhoni Lilly_Jaroslav: u mean lilly has offices in India, but they do not do software development?
Lilly_Mark Yes... our main european research center is in the UK
Lilly_Jaroslav dhoni: Exactly
slex Time to warm up before the match, good luck all
StevieT Lilly_Mark: What sort of research goes on in the UK centre?
Lilly_Andy For those off to the match - we'd like to wish you the very best of luck !
bluffmaster helo
bluffmaster everyone
the_perk What type of candidates are usually employed within the UK office?
Lilly_Mark The UK is our center for, Psychiatric drugs,
Orange_Cloud katie: BTW, I've sent resume (via tc site) towards two employers few months ago, but got no answer. This mean I was rejected or something was wrong?
Lilly_Mark we specialise in ... early molecule discovery and development, and one of our major drugs for Schizophrenia was discovered there.
katie Orange_Cloud: hello. i'm not sure what happened but i would be happy to help you. could you email me at kkittle@topcoder.com?
Lilly_Mark We have a range of IT people in the UK, Software Developers, Support, and business analysts (all the top people... just like at TopCoder)
Lilly_Mark :-)
Radient Hello everyone
the_perk Lilly_Mark: Would you say it's difficult to get into Lilly?
StevieT Lilly_Mark: Interesting! Thanks
henc how would you react if your companies bad reputation messed up your recruitment plans?
Orange_Cloud katie: Ok. Though I'd like to get back into red before applying jobs :)
feira Lilly_Mark: do you have opening for business analyst in singapore?
QASH I am 4m Pakistan. Can I get the Job at Lilly?
Lilly_Mark Andy ?... business analysts in Singapore ?
Lilly_Jaroslav the_perk: It depends on how good are you.
katie Orange_Cloud: i think you're too hard on yourself ;)
Lilly_Andy henc: how do you mean ?
henc I heard a lot of very bad stuff about lilly
nitdgp Lilly_Andy: what about internship opportunities in india?
the_perk What about sponsorships...and visa's for workin with in the UK
connect4 orange_cloud: I agree with katie. I'm going to be doing job applications soon, despite not being red yet (and trying hard to get there).
Lilly_Andy QASH: the best option would be a relocation to Singapore
henc not thaht I care but some people could
ramontt Lilly_Andy: intership opportunities in México?
Maxi Hi
Lilly_Andy nitdgp: we do not currently have those opportunities
tstan436 henc: people that dont care wouldnt bring it up ;)
QASH So if I selected. How will you contact me? Or first I have to relocate?
henc maybe
feira Lilly_Andy: Hi, andi.. is there any opening for business analyst position in singapore branch?
nitdgp Lilly_Andy: ok. thanks.
Lilly_Jaroslav QASH: I think you will get contacted over phone first.
QASH can I have the number?
Orange_Cloud connect4: I was kidding :)
katie henc: i'm not sure what you heard but as a recruiter for topcoder eli lilly has been a dream to work with in every regard
Lilly_Andy henc: Its always best to review all the facts, if you have particular concerns our Corporate Commincations team would be happy to talk to you
Lilly_Jaroslav QASH: If you are interested please contact katie.
QASH How???
katie for anyone that missed it
vanchope good
vanchope :))
lancord hey guys IIITA is back
enoyhs Lilly_Andy: Are you only searching for people not near you? Is there any chance for programmer to do part time job at Lilly from distance at his home?
katie my email address is kkittle@topcoder.com
vanchope good luck!
Diduk vanchope: good luck to you too
reiners Do you guys do genomics research? I've gotten interested in sequence alignment.
vanchope thsnks
the_perk it would be great if topcoder gave an option to have "System" logs on/off in the chatrooms..
the_perk because this is ridiculous...
Lilly_Jaroslav the_perk: Go to options.
renatoufv the_perk: Yeah!!! I've looked for it right now... :)
the_perk ioh.
forest the_perk: it is there
the_perk lol
neal_wu You can disable enter / exit messages at least.
BlackIsComing Hi. Could you please refer me to overview (or some other public info about) current lilly projects, because i think in order to make developer productive he must be interesting in things what he doing.
BlackIsComing So, i'd like to know are there interesting projects, or kind of boriing :)
the_perk thanks!
BlackIsComing So, i'd like to know are there interesting projects, or kind of boriing :)
renatoufv thanks too
Lilly_Mark Current Projects ?... hmm lets see
Lilly_Andy reiners: The best place for that would be our Singapore Informatics centre
henc Ok I got it.. How about the offices in the Checzh republic
reiners Lilly_Mark: I live in Minnesota.
reiners Lilly_Mark: Couldn't move to Singapore.
Lilly_Jaroslav henc: What do you want to know?
Lilly_Mark I am working on a Touch Screen based system to .. test memory,
katie hello everyone good luck in today's match. for anyone interested in applying to lilly, please email me at kkittle@topcoder.com
Lilly_Jaroslav henc: I am from there.
Lilly_Mark RFID based inventory mangement...
reiners Lilly_Andy: Live in Minnesota. Couldn't move to Singapore.
jmpld40 any other questions for Lilly after the chat, you can go here
Hamed katie: I sent you an email about a month ago but I got no reply
Lilly_Andy enoyhs: I'm afraid we do not have those kind of opportunities right now
henc what kind of bussines opportunities do you have there
Lilly_Mark Automatic, image processing and analysis
Lilly_Mark etc etc
henc nice
Borisp couldn't hit the 1500
chichimeco Lilly_*: could you sample an interesting algorithmic problem issued from your projects?
katie Hamed: i apologize. could you email me right now? kkittle@topcoder.com
feira OMG.. this chat is really interesting.. and I forget to register for SRM :P
Lilly_Mark Molecular Modeling algorithim....
emka207 feira: LOL :P
reiners Lilly_Mark: Where is that done?
connect4 molecular modelling? guh?
tjovanovic registration closes 5 mins before SRM?
Lilly_Mark would a molecule.. "fit" a receptor in the brain..
feira emka207: hi, emka.. salam kenal
connect4 **connect4 likey that stuff
Lilly_Jaroslav henc: Send your details to Katie.
jmpld40 Thanks Lilly folks
lancord hi -a
Lilly_Mark we make a ...computer model of the brain.. then try out "drugs" against it and try and predict how they would work
neotrumatrix lancord
connect4 tjovanovic: yup
connect4 thank you nice Lilly peoples
Lilly_Mark never been called "nice" before... cheers !
Lilly_Andy No problem at all - hope you enjoyed the chat
Lilly_Andy you can still ask questions through the usual topcoder routes
gopi_garlapati hi lilly_*
gopi_garlapati had nice chat
gopi_garlapati bye
feira Lilly_Andy: thanks all..
Lilly_Andy bye everyone - best of luck in the competition !!
henc Lilly_*: image processi, so it's about finding tumors on the MR scans and stuff
Lilly_Jaroslav Bye - Good luck!
gopi_garlapati thank u
feira Lilly_Andy: hope I could join you
henc Lilly_*: bye
dhoni are the room assignements complete?
feira Lilly_Andy: bye
FullMetal Bye, thanks for all...