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Chat transcript from SRM 407
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Betfair_AaronHey :-)
mad_potty_headI wanna ask about remote employment opportunities
jmpld40Welcome to the Betfair chat. Feel free to ask them any questions you may have.
rishabhagarwalhow to become a good programmer???
toshkewho is going to win tonight, russia or spain?
Betfair_AaronI'm backing Russia ;-)
rasto6skHello Betfair. Where in UK do you have offices?
skaterdude69win for what?
mad_potty_headtoshke: spain :)
rishabhagarwalRussia......i think
remtoshke: if you ask about SRM then Russia
slexI'm cheering for Russia too
mad_potty_headtoshke: go spain go :D
skaterdude69Win what?
abs_abswhat are the current technologies betfair working on ?
ilhami'd say russia
Betfair_AaronOur UK office in in Hammersmith London
Betfair_Mattrasto6sk: Our office is in Hammersmith
Betfair_Mattrasto6sk: which is in west London
antaryarussia 4:0
gaurav1987palspain 2-0
ilhamhello betfair reps. could you give us a small introduction?
Enricspain inf:eps
mad_potty_headBetfair_Aaron: What about opportunities for egyptian developpers ?
Betfair_Ollieabs_abs: we're a Java, C++, .NET house predominantly
Betfair_Ollieabs_abs: although we typically use the right tool for the right job
pulkit110Do you have any offices in India?
skaterdude69Where are you guys located primarily, unless you have any offices in other states.
Betfair_Mattilham: I am a developer in the Poker team.
Betfair_Ollieilham: sure. Betfair is an online betting company. We offer a variety of products, like sports betting, poker, casino style games and so on.
el_vituchodo you have a website?
abs_absand what could be the possible opportunities for someone form coutry likeIndia ?
Betfair_Ollieel_vitucho: and
ilhamBetfair_Ollie: i mean more like what Matt did. thanks also for the short intro to Betfair :D
Betfair_AaronI am a JuniorJ2EE Developer in Our Stack team which deals with improvements and bug fixes to our site
Betfair_Ollieel_vitucho: ah. ilham: i work in the Performance and Capacity team. I test our software prior to release and manage it post-release.
Betfair_Aaronpulkit110: we don't currently have any offices in India No
Betfair_AsherI manage part of our research and development section, with a strong interest in systems architecture
Betfair_Ollieabs_abs: i have two members of my team who are from India. We have no offices there at the moment though, so they too are based in Hammersmith.
ilhamBetfair_Matt: do you work on developing a good online poker player?
nitdgpBetfair_Aaron: what are the technologies you require freshers to know?
Betfair_Mattilham: I don't work on that as part of my job :)
naresh622Hi Betfair reps, do you have any openings for UNIX system programmers
nehabhatt007Betfair_Aaron: Hello !!what are the career opportunities in betfair ?
Betfair_Ollienaresh622: we have an Integration Team which is to do with automation and scripting
Betfair_Aaronnitdgp: Hi Nil_ct Depending on the role you apply for the desired skill sets are different however we are primarily a Java, .Netr and C++ house
Betfair_Mattilham: Although we do have an interest in poker robots.
nehabhatt007Betfair_Aaron: Are you planning to open your office in India ?
Betfair_Ollienaresh622: typical technologies there are PERL, Python, PHP and Tcl
ilhamdo you place importance acquiring on certain technology, or do you do some trainings for fresh graduates?
abs_absapart from the good coders.., what else you are looking from topcoder members ?
toshkeBetfair_Ollie: Do you create soffisticated algorithms to create quotes for matches or you copy them from other websites :)
Betfair_Mattilham: Do you have an interest in poker?
Betfair_Ollietoshke: our bet matching algorithm it totally written in-house. we offer ""best execution"" which means customers always get the best price available
Betfair_Aaronnehabhatt007: I don't believe there is currently any interest in opening and office in India however we are growing internationally so in the future you never know :-)
ilhamBetfair_Matt: I wish I had. I've been losing in every single game I played :(
naresh622Betfair_Ollie: Thank you for the information.
Betfair_Ollietoshke: my pleasure
Betfair_Mattilham: Oh dear!
nehabhatt007Betfair_Aaron: yes true :)
Betfair_AsherBetfair is a betting exchange, so users set prices rather than us; we (generally) take no risk on a bet, so we kinda don't worry what other sites are doing
ilhamBetfair_Matt: But I'm interested in AI in general.
ilhamBetfair_Matt: and games of course
naresh622Betfair_Ollie: Do you use Artificial Intelligence in your products ?
Betfair_Aaronnehabhatt007: ab
xhaeben.hwang: good to see you
xhaeben.hwang: :D
nehabhatt007Betfair_Aaron: Is Betfair is just a betting exchange ?
Betfair_Ollienaresh622: not at the current time.
Betfair_Ollienaresh622: although we do use AI in some of our back-office systems.
Betfair_Aaronabs_abs: Apart from good coders we are also looking for developers with excellent communication and team working skills
kcluneFor more information about Betfair and to apply to their positions, please feel free to go here:
nehabhatt007Betfair_Aaron: I mean you might have to combine AI as well as software skills together.
ilhami see also that betfair offers some online live streaming on the games where we can bet on
Betfair_Mattilham: I see. What kind of AI related work have you done?
Betfair_Asherthe streaming is provided by a third party vendor, but it works rather well
Betfair_Ollieilham: yes. we pioneered a type of betting called ""inplay"" which means you can bet even when the match is in action. The odds change as events unfold, and therefore you can trade your position in a market, like the stock market for example.
naresh622Betfair_Ollie: what is the selection criteria.
Betfair_Olliezdravko_b: hello!
ilhamBetfair_Matt: I made a general game player last semester.
Betfair_AsherIf you have a look on you can see in Victor the Predictor some of the AI work we've done
kcluneBetfair_Asher: Is there a possibility that you would bring that in house in the future?
zdravko_bBetfair_Ollie: hi, I applied to a position in the UK a month ago but still no answer ...
zdravko_bBetfair_Ollie: for a C++ programmer
nehabhatt007Betfair_Aaron: Cool !! then you might be looking for experts and experienced coders at TC ... i think so... is it true ?
ilhamBetfair_Matt: where as an input we have a game description, then the program needs to play as best as it could within the given preparation time
Betfair_Olliezdravko_b: i'm sorry to hear that and i apologise. if you can email me at with your full name I can chase that up for you.
zdravko_bBetfair_Ollie: ok, thanks :)
ilhamBetfair_Matt: i'm concentrating on model checking, nowadays, though
Betfair_Asherkclune: it is possible that we'll insource some aspect of streaming - maybe not matches since the rights are kinda awkward but we also have Betfair Radio (again on Labs)
ilhamBetfair_Matt: i still keep interest on developing better players
kcluneBetfair_Asher: very good.
ilhamBetfair_Matt: since it's also an area where my current uni is best at.
Betfair_Mattilham: I'd recommend having a look at
Betfair_Aaronnehabhatt007: We are looking for experienced coders yes :-)
kcluneBetfair_Asher: Can you talk about Betfair labs a little bit?
Betfair_Mattilham: There's no poker AI on there - yet
ilhamBetfair_Ollie: that sounds interesting
Betfair_Mattilham: but there are a couple of AI related products
ilhamBetfair_Matt: you mean on betfair?
Betfair_Ollieilham: it's very popular. :)
Betfair_Asherkclune: Sure - labs is a site that lets us showcase new technology, not just ours but things like Silverlight
ilhamBetfair_Ollie: i bet
nehabhatt007Betfair_Aaron: what will i have to do if i have to apply in betfair ? Do i have to submit my resume ... can you tell me the link where i have too :-)
Betfair_Mattilham: yes
Betfair_Mattilham: there is an app called victor the predictor that uses AI
Betfair_Asherkclune: We use both people within the R&D team to build solutions and the ""20%"" time of other developers around IT who contribute new ideas
nehabhatt007kclune: Thanks :)
kclunenehabhatt007: you're welcome
Betfair_Ollieso had any of you heard of Betfair before we became involved with Topcoder?
Betfair_Aaronnehabhatt007: If you wish to apply there is a link on our sponsors page on the TC site which contains the information you will need
Betfair_JulianHey Aaron, you can apply by sending your CV to or apply via
ilhamBetfair_Matt: like this EuroVictor?
ilhamBetfair_Ollie: yup
nehabhatt007Betfair_Aaron: yes, thanks for that :)
kcluneBetfair_Asher: you are looking for R & D people as well correct?
ilhamBetfair_Ollie: i've been seeing it on several sport sites
Betfair_Asherkclune: Always on the lookout for the right sort of person
Betfair_Mattilham: yes exactly
yvsHi. Programmers in which countries you are looking for?
Betfair_Ollieilham: brilliant. have you tried any of our products out?
ilhamBetfair_Ollie: no, sorry.
Betfair_Ollieyvs: hi. we have development centres in London, UK and Cluj, Romania predominantly.
Betfair_Asherkclune: We hired a poker/AI person earlier this year; catch with R&D is its very much based in Hammersmith at the moment
ilhamBetfair_Ollie: am looking at the Victor now
kcluneBetfair_Matt: You obviously came to TopCoder to find the right person, what is the ""right"" person to you?
yvsok, is there a chance from russian/belorussian citizens to apply?
ilhamBetfair_Ollie: i live on a tight budget, so, i rarely bet on things
nehabhatt007Betfair_Aaron: Really, the most interesting site i have come across like win and play at the same place :)
Betfair_Ollieyvs: absolutely. We have some russians at Betfair already :)
Betfair_Ollieilham: i know the feeling!
Betfair_Aaronnehabhatt007: Glad you like it. We do our best ;-)
Betfair_JulianWe are open to applications from people globally. However at the moment our home office is experiencing severe delays in visa applications so you should bear this in mind when applying
nehabhatt007Betfair_Aaron: ohh :) thats true. Do you have Indians in your betfair team ?
Betfair_Aaronnehabhatt007: We do yes. There are 3 people from india in my team :-)
Betfair_Ollieilham: we have a wide mix of nationalities represented on the betfair staff: British, Indian, Chinese, all flavours of European, to name but a few... :)
yvsBetfair_Ollie: thanks. i'm sorry for the question, i do not know, what is Cluj, can help?
kcluneBetfair_Ollie: are there any specific locations you are looking to hire people in?
Betfair_Asher(quite a lot of Australians, New Zealanders and South Africans as well ;) )
Betfair_Ollieyvs: no problem. Cluj is a city in Romania.
ilhamBetfair_Asher: oho, some kiwis?
nehabhatt007Betfair_Aaron: good :)
Betfair_Olliekclune: we are hiring into Romania and the UK predominantly.
Betfair_Asherilham: You'd better believe it; rib em about the All Blacks in world cup - lots of fun!
nehabhatt007Betfair_Asher: India is not present in the list so sad :(
Betfair_Aaronnehabhatt007: Where abouts are you in India?
ilhamBetfair_Asher: now, now. i am for NZ all the way.
ilhamBetfair_Asher: they win the junior rugby
Betfair_Ashernehabhatt007: We've got lots of Indians here; a few french people as well - its really multicultural
ilhamBetfair_Asher: at least
nehabhatt007Betfair_Asher: i live in eastern side of India mean U.P. and recently completed my B.Tech :)
Betfair_Asherilham: I love watching them play. Just not against the Wallabies.
Betfair_Olliefrom my point of view, one of the best parts of working at betfair is the variety of colleagues. it's a really good mix and makes for great innovation (as well as the socialising!)
nehabhatt007Betfair_Asher: ohh .. true
nehabhatt007Betfair_Aaron: i live in eastern side of India mean U.P. and recently completed my B.Tech :)
nehabhatt007Betfair_Aaron: sorry i replied to other recruiter ;'(
viswanathBetfair_Aaron: Hello how to apply for your company?
Betfair_Ashernehabhatt007: It is a pity we don't have an indian office - the new professional cricket series would be very exciting to cover, its a pity its illegal to bet on it in India though
ilhamBetfair_Asher: they're good, aren't they :)
Betfair_Aaronnehabhatt007: Excellent. No worries :-) The chat's flying think and fast. Easy to mistake ;-)
kcluneso, can one or some of the Betfair folks tell us why we should consider working there instead of anywhere else?
nehabhatt007Betfair_Aaron: :) yes true ...
abs_abswoohhaa...., so u people were paying attention to IPL..
Betfair_Asherilham: Magic.
Betfair_Julianyou can apply at or via the website under the jobs section
Betfair_Olliekclune: sure thing
ilhamBetfair_Asher: i'd love them the most when Umaga was still playing.
Betfair_Asherkclune: Well, you can talk about rugby for a start?
kclunemeaning, what is it about Betfair that excites you, and why are you working there?
nehabhatt007Betfair_Asher: Really, Indians are crazy about Cricket ... if you start office in India it shall be a hit :)
ilhamkclune: i suppose, being able to talk about any sports enthusiastically
kcluneRugby is cool. Even though we don't get into it too much here in the US
ilhamkclune: and still it considered as part of your job
ilhamkclune: *is* quite exciting :D
Betfair_Olliekclune: i am at Betfair because of the pace. We grow our products at ~2x per year. We have to come up with some smart technology to be able to keep up that growth rate!
snguyenBetfair_Ollie: is there any office in Singapore?
Betfair_Aaronkclune: For me betfair's all about the people. You get to work in a relaxed enjoyable environment and the community spirit at betfair is excellent! :-)
Betfair_AsherI joined Betfair because they've got an unusual set of challenges - some things we're writing (and rewriting) that you'd never have the chance to do elsewhere - either because the company is so big or there's not enough money
ilhamBetfair_Matt: ah, neural network stuff
ilhamBetfair_Matt: !
Betfair_Olliekclune: there is also massive variety in the work I do. One day I can be tuning a SQL database, next day working on distributed caching... it keeps me on my toes. :)
mc_taviBetfair_Ollie: Hi. What are the differences between London and Cluj offices, regarding the domains covered ? For example R&D department is only in London?
mariusdrgisn't betfair a booking agency?
jbnpaulIs Betfair looking for international candidates
kcluneSounds like it's a great environment, and a cool place to be.
Betfair_Olliemc_tavi: the Romania office is predominantly development and QA on our Games products (as opposed to our Sports products which are run out of the UK and Malta).
zdravko_bAre there nintendo wii's in the offices :) ?
snguyenis there any opening intership position?
Betfair_Ashermc_tavi: London covers the Sports Exchange, Poker and ""enterprise"" things
Betfair_Olliezdravko_b: yes. and guitar here. :)
nehabhatt007Betfair_Julian: Hello
zdravko_bBetfair_Ollie: that's all i want (and need :D )
mariusdrgWhat exactly coud a algorithmist or a coder do in a booking office?
Betfair_Olliejbnpaul: absolutely. :) which country are you from?
Betfair_AsherWe've got operations sections as far away as Hobart
Betfair_Aaronmariusdrg: Betfair is an online betting exchange. We take bets on sporting events
jbnpaulBetfair_Ollie: I am from India
Betfair_Olliejbnpaul: great. we have lots of Indians working with us at Betfair.
FameofLightnehabhatt007: hello
Betfair_Ashermariusdrg: Can you clarify what you mean by booking officfe?
kcluneHow many financial transactions per day do you deal with, and how do you keep up with them?
jbnpaulBetfair_Ollie: thats good to hear
AshishAwaghadBetfair_Ollie: where? in US? or in India?
quantus1i am a US high school graduate about to attend caltech next year. any job opportunities?
mariusdrgNo, the first answer clarified the situation
nehabhatt007FameofLight: Hi
Betfair_JulianNo interns at the moment. The programme is currently closed but will reopen in the autumn. Please check for more details.
Betfair_Olliekclune: we do about 1600 bets per second on the sports exchange at peak. which is more trades than some stock exchanges do!
Betfair_Aaronmariusdrg: as Betfair is an exchange rather than a traditional sportsbook we match customers together. This functions in a similar way to modern stock exchange systems
Betfair_OllieAshishAwaghad: in London
AshishAwaghadBetfair_Ollie: oh
FameofLightnehabhatt007: where u from i mean place
mariusdrgvery nice ideea
ilhamBetfair_Matt: this is the first time i know of NN used in betting. i thought it's more for image recog and so on, like one of my lecturers does his research on
abhicoolBetfair_Ollie: What technologies Betfair works on ?
Kewl_guyBetfair_Ollie: Whats the role of software folks in a office, who's business runs on betting stuff?..
abhicoolBetfair_Ollie: and what do you expect from TopCoders while recruiting them ?
kclunefor those of you interested in applying to Betfair, please go here:
FameofLightnehabhatt007: aur batao kya chal raha hai
Betfair_Ollieabhicool: our products are built on Java, C++, .NET predominantly; is that what you meant?
abhicoolBetfair_Ollie: yeah
Kewl_guyBetfair_Ollie: I mean, is there a lot of work to be implemented? and what kinda stuff?
PetrSuppose an international candidate moves to London with her family to work at Betfair. Where would she be able to afford to live (i.e., how long would her commute be if she'd spend a reasonable part of her salary on rent)?
Betfair_Mattilham: There is quite a lot of interest in it, both for sports betting and games.
Betfair_OllieKewl_guy: our developers deliver new products that allow customers to bet online.
Betfair_Ollieabhicool: do you mean what is our recruitment process like?
Betfair_AsherPetr: You should be able to afford to live in a nice part of London - quite a few people live near Ealing although some do commute from outside of the metropolitan area
AshishAwaghadBetfair_Ollie: yes, how does your recruitment process go?
Betfair_AsherPetr: transport is quite good (when it works) in London so it would depend on your priorities as far as space goes
Betfair_AaronPetr: Thanks to the tube most areas in london are easily commutable so a family should be able to find an area that suits their budget
Betfair_OllieKewl_guy: we're currently working on rewriting our bet matching engine for scalability. the current prototype has at least 20x more capacity than our current one. that is one example of what we're working on.
ilhamBetfair_Matt: i've seen some effort to apply NN to play games, like in Go, although i've never seen any that's outright successful
Betfair_OlliePetr: most staff live within an hour of the office I would say.
nehabhatt007FameofLight: not interested
PetrCool, thanks
abhicoolBetfair_Aaron: What do you expect in a potential recruit ? You are here for finding good algo guys for recruitment ?
FameofLightnehabhatt007: kyon kya ho gaya
Betfair_Asherilham: Some stats based approaches work slightly better at the moment for some classes of games (thats from one of our AI guys)
Betfair_OllieAshishAwaghad: typically there are telephone interviews first, then face to face interviews in London. there are technical tests but also some more theoretical questions and discussions. it also depends what role you apply for.
ilhamBetfair_Matt: yup, like monte carlo stuff
ilhamBetfair_Matt: with UCT
nehabhatt007Betfair_Asher: Shall you be giving pre joining training to candidates whom you recruit ?
Kewl_guyBetfair_Ollie: When u said that, it sounds like its related to algorithm stuff, to implement that engine..not bad ;-)
Betfair_Mattilham: We have a guy working here who enters poker robot World Championships
Betfair_Mattilham: he got 4th place last year
Betfair_Ashernehabhatt007: We don't currently do pre joining training I'm afraid
ilhamBetfair_Matt: interesting!
AshishAwaghadBetfair_Ollie: ok.. and the selections for telephonic interview will be from here, right?
Betfair_OllieKewl_guy: very much so. the data set can get quite big, so the algorithm must be good enough to process it all in quickly. We tend to process bets in ~75ms at the moment.
ilhamBetfair_Matt: congrats
Betfair_Mattilham: thanks :)
Betfair_OllieAshishAwaghad: yes, if you apply we will review your CV and contact you about a telephone interview
Betfair_Aaronabhicool: Potential recruits will ideally have good skills in their various areas. A lot of our problems centre around scalability and development of new products rather than raw processing power and algorithm work.
nehabhatt007Betfair_Asher: ohh :( but since all the AI stuff is involed so i thought there might be some sort of grooming. Anyways its fine :)
Betfair_Mattilham: it can also be applied in fraud detection
AshishAwaghadBetfair_Ollie: hmm.. ok
Kewl_guyBetfair_Ollie: yep..and for those large datasets, are u considering distributed computing models like the Google's mapreduce/Apache Hadoop?
Betfair_AsherKewl_guy: Algorithms are becoming more important due to our distribution problems - by spreading out through the world we need different ways to handle things. Basic stuff like 2 phase commit starts breaking down
ilhamBetfair_Matt: like if someone plays using a robot, instead of playing by him/herself?
Betfair_OllieKewl_guy: absolutely. i am working on a mapreduce-style tool at the moment
FameofLightBetfair_Aaron: are there any internship program available
Betfair_Mattilham: that's exactly what we would like to find in poker
ilhamBetfair_Matt: that'll be useful for online gaming
Betfair_Mattilham: it also applies to sports betting
Betfair_Ashernehabhatt007: Yeah - sorry, afraid not :) Once we're confident in our research we will be looking at publishing
Betfair_AaronFameofLight: There are currently no internships available however the scheme is reopening in the autumn
woldsomDo Betfair have any need of Java developers in London, or is it just C++?
Kewl_guyBetfair_Ollie: oh ok..I happened to recently setup mapreduce on 2 systems at home...just outta curiousity..n obvioulsy to learn :-)
nehabhatt007Betfair_Aaron: ohh ... yes ... :)
Betfair_Olliewoldsom: definitely Java in London!
Betfair_AsherLots of Java in London!
Betfair_OllieKewl_guy: yeah - i love distributed systems.
ilhamBetfair_Aaron: can you tell us where to look for such internship opportunities when you open one?
Betfair_OllieKewl_guy: i took a job that does some end of day performance reports that used to take an hour to run, distributed it across 20 systems and had my answer back in 3 minutes :)
Betfair_OllieKewl_guy: gotta love distributed computing!
finrod_Asgaroth_: hej
progfoolu search for algorithm skills or deep implementation skills during recruitment??
Betfair_Asherprogfool: Implementation mainly
Betfair_Ollieprogfool: problem solving is a key part of the recruitment process as well.
progfoolthnk u
ilhamBetfair_Matt: have you already used itin the current system?
ilhamBetfair_Matt: the cheating detection, i mean
Betfair_Asherprogfool: Most tests will give you the opportunity to actually explain how you arrived at an answer though
Betfair_Aaronilham: If you check details of the intern scheme can be found there :-)
nehabhatt007Betfair_Aaron: Are you planning to start betting on few more games ?
kclunefor those of you just joining, if you are interested in applying to Betfair career opportunities, please go here:
Betfair_Mattilham: it's still in development. the results are encouraging though
ilhamBetfair_Matt: ic. nice!
progfoolwith java coders which are the key area should a candidate concentrate on for good chances of working with you
nehabhatt007Betfair_Aaron: i mean like cricket or football ?
Betfair_Aaronnehabhatt007: Unfortunately working for a gambling company doesn't automatically provide you with a gift for gambling. I unfortunately tend to lose all of my money so Will probably give it a miss ;-)
ilhamBetfair_Matt: i've heard that such techniques have been used in chess, especially
Kewl_guyBetfair_Ollie: yep..Distributed stuff is fun n challenging..can I ask u a question?...I came across some artcile sometime back about a new idea of grid..donno if that works..the question is related to that..
nehabhatt007Betfair_Aaron: ohh :)
ilhamBetfair_Matt: e.g. in the ICC chess server
Betfair_Ashermohan8990: Search is kind of interesting - we've got some ppl very enthusiastic about the semantic web and ways you can reason about searches there
Betfair_OllieKewl_guy: sure. fire away.
progfoolBetfair_Aaron: with java coders which are the key area should a candidate concentrate on for good chances of working with you
Kewl_guyBetfair_Ollie: Here I go..Can u tell me the biggest possible grid that we could make?
Betfair_Ashermohan8990: You can imagine there's lots of contextual information (like teams, venues etc) that needs to be loaded together that tends to defeat plain old text based search
feitianBetfair_Ollie: Is there some Agencies of betfair in china?
Betfair_OllieKewl_guy: are you asking how much hardware is available at Betfair to use for distributed computing?
Lab**Lab and me
ilhamBetfair_Matt: It's a nice feeling when you know everyone's playing fairly
abhicool**abhicool loves Ludo the most :)
Kewl_guyBetfair_Ollie: nope..not really..My question wasnt clear..its ok..I will answer it (from what I read..and its interesting to know): The biggest grid can be formed by the mobile/cell phone nw.
Betfair_Aaronprogfool: Hi Progfool, Knowledge of certain frameworks such as struts and spring would be useful as well as a good understanding of JBoss and Tomcat would probably be advantageous. Is that the kind of thing you were asking?
Betfair_Mattilham: Definitely. That is an important value for Betfair.
nehabhatt007Betfair_Aaron: Are there any language restriction for a candidate to work with betfair ?
Betfair_AsherOn the R&D side we're looking at maybe doing a collaboration with a supercomputing grid so getting access to a blue gene/L might be on the gards
progfoolBetfair_Aaron: yaa for sure i was asking that kind of thing..thanks
nehabhatt007Betfair_Aaron: Like i am a C++ coder what all the aspects do i have to work upon ?
kclunePlease apply to Betfair career opportunities at:
kclunethis is really cool stuff.
kcluneI think anyway.
progfoolBetfair_Aaron: actually i am a beginner ...that is why i wanted a clear knowledge of what should i concentrate while learning java
abhicoolBetfair_Asher: you are looking for experienced folks or freshers ?
raghibkhan_786kclune: hi kevin .How are you.I hope you remember me..
Betfair_OllieKewl_guy: that sounds pretty powerful! bandwidth to phones is improving too which might historically have been a barrier for larger datasets.
kcluneraghibkhan_786: of course.
kcluneraghibkhan_786: How are you doing?
Betfair_Asherabhicool: We're after a mixture of ppl but as much experienced as freshers - we take a limited number of grads each year
Betfair_Mattilham: How are your studies going?
Jumpyshoesoh hoh~ interesting tab completion
ilhamBetfair_Matt: i'm doing my master thesis now
nishiohi all i'm very sleepy..
lydxlxmaold: ?
Kewl_guyBetfair_Ollie: yep..donno, if that works..even if that works, donno if someone can implement that..But its a cool idea of using idle processing power of cellphones
progfoolnishio: hiiiii
kclunenishio: aren't we all :-)
ilhamBetfair_Matt: it's expected to be finished in September, but right now I'm kinda in a pinch with other stuff
abhicoolBetfair_Asher: do you support relocation overseas ? and would you consider overseas guys ?
progfoolnishio: remember me buddy?
feitianBetfair_Asher: Is there some Agencies of betfair in china?
Betfair_OllieKewl_guy: i think people might not be happy when their batteries run out faster :)
nishioprogfool: hi! yes, i remember you!!!
ilhamBetfair_Matt: so I'm hoping it'll be finished around October
progfoolnishio: kool...soo how u doing??
Betfair_Asherabhicool: It really depends on the candidate and quality, but generally relocation is up to the individual
nishioprogfool: now??
Betfair_Aaronprogfool: Ah I see. Well I would also say that for betfair a broad knowledge in lots of areas is also very advantageous. You will however need good core skills in your desired field (Java, .NET, Javascript etc)
progfoolnishio: i meant how r u
kcluneplease apply to Betfiar career opportunities here:
Betfair_Asherfeitian: No, its currently illegal in mainland china - we only operate where we can do so legally
Betfair_Mattilham: very good. what are your plans for the future?
nishioprogfool: ah! thenk you! it fine!!
jbnpaulBut does betfiar support visa processing and other such stuff
raghibkhan_786kclune: I'm good..In AOL ..wht say? shall i try BetFair;)
Jumpyshoesdoes anyone know the rm command for windows command prompt?
Kewl_guyBetfair_Ollie: haha..yes, thats right..but thats the European grid at Geneva - which pays if u run the grid on your comp :)
progfoolBetfair_Aaron: thanks for the information
ilhamBetfair_Matt: well, i'd like to do a PhD, and while also looking for some internship
Betfair_Aaronnehabhatt007: The candidates will need to have good utilisation of english to work for us :-)
Betfair_OllieKewl_guy: ah very cool. i had not heard of that. i was involved in a few years ago, which is a similar thing.
Kewl_guyBetfair_Ollie: I mean if u run the grid node
nishioprogfool: ah! thenk you! it fine!!
Betfair_OllieJumpyshoes: del i think
nehabhatt007Betfair_Aaron: yes, i have :)
Jumpyshoesthank you
Kewl_guyBetfair_Ollie: I havent had an oppurtunity to work on distributed stuff..all this is done outta personal interest
Betfair_Aaronnehabhatt007: Haha sorry, you meant programming language didn't you ;-)
willimais there any opportunities within South America?
Fayealphastream: good luck ^_^
ankulznehabhatt007:hey hii
Betfair_OllieKewl_guy: that's great. people who are really interested in new technology and enjoy doing stuff in their spare time are a perfect fit for Betfair!
nehabhatt007Betfair_Aaron: yes, you misunderstood me
ilhamBetfair_Matt: though i'm keeping my eyes opened to interesting opportunities ;)
nehabhatt007Betfair_Aaron: ;')
Betfair_Mattilham: do you want to continue studying AI
alphastreamFaye: ???????, ? ????)
Kewl_guyBetfair_Ollie: Thanks Ollie..Now I shud get back to the other room, to bang my striving to make progress here (coz I do have a regular job) :)
nehabhatt007Betfair_Aaron: Can you please answer me ?
Betfair_Aaronnehabhatt007: Sorry about that. As far as C++ goes Matt would probably be best placed to answer your query :-P
Kewl_guyBetfair_Ollie: Thanks for the chat :)
Betfair_OllieKewl_guy: great to talk to you too! take care.
jmpld40If you've missed any part of the chat, make sure to post questions here:
kcluneIt's getting to be about that time for people to start competing.
willimaBetfair_Aaron: any opportunities with South America?
Kewl_guyBetfair_Ollie: you too..take care..tschub :)
nehabhatt007Betfair_Aaron: ohh okies :) i get it thanks for replying :P
daskoAdmins: unregister me from SRM 407
ilhamBetfair_Matt: well, that and some data structure stuff
uditchandnaall coming for SRM 407
kcluneThank you to all of the Betfair folks for the great information.
progfoolwhat was that message??........i cannot take part in algorithm competition??..was it a bug?
mariusdrgcan someone tell me how to unregister from tchs?
kcluneagain, if you want to apply please go here:
ilhamBetfair_Matt: i'm also interested in researching about graph, and so on
ustbcoderwhat is wrong??
Betfair_Olliekclune: our pleasure.
progfooly shud we unregister?
woldsomWill you still be around to answer questions just after the SRM now?
Betfair_Mattilham: i see. that should come in handy in a few minutes i guess ;)
AlMagSkidanovAlex: ))
ilhamBetfair_Matt: hahahaha
ilhamBetfair_Matt: of course :D
nehabhatt007ankulz: not interested
kcluneThis sounds like a great opportunity to have a major impact and a great learning experience.
progfoolkclune: that message to unregister from srm??..what was it??
MaxBuzzkclune: stop spamming please!
nishioadmins: I cant enter SRM room...
solmyr_buptyou could not participate srm and tchs both
ilhamBetfair_Matt: ah, btw, i couldn't get Victor to show anything
nishioadmins: why...
kcluneMaxBuzz: I can't help it.
mhaseebPlease keep in mind that you may not participate in concurrent Algorithm competitions. This means that you cannot register for both TCHS 51 and SRM 407. If you have already done this, please let us know so we can unregister you.
ilhamBetfair_Matt: i haven't updated my browser though
mhaseebcan someone help, i dont know why
jmpld40Betfair folks, thanks for chatting
ilhamthanks a lot guys :)
nishioadmins: I dont know about TH??
-aprogfool: if u hav registered in THS thn u should unregister tht
Betfair_Mattilham: oh - did it report an error?
Betfair_Aaronilham: No worries :-)
progfooli registered in srm
Betfair_Mattilham: it should be working for the Russia v Spain game
Jumpyshoesuditchandna: please stop using all caps
ilhamBetfair_Matt: nope
progfoolall the best to all
donMichaelplease unregister me from SRM
ilhamBetfair_Matt: i'll try it again, when i've updated my browser
Jumpyshoesthank you
ilhamBetfair_Matt: thanks for your time :D
Betfair_Olliekclune: thank you all for your interest in betfair. good luck in the contest!
-aprogfool: cool thn no worries
trssatb to all
mhaseebcan anyone help, why should i unregister and how
progfoolthnkz all
ilhamgoood luck everyone :D
Betfair_Mattilham: thank you too. good luck
-aprogfool: :)
RaghavTall the best every one
kcluneThanks Betfair. have a good day.
Betfair_MattThanks Kevin.
Betfair_Aaronkclune: Thanks kclune :-) Been a pleasure :-)