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SRM 401
TCO08 Sponsored by AOL

AOL is a global Web services company that operates some of the most popular Web destinations and offers a comprehensive suite of free software and services. An avid supporter of the development community, AOL is pleased to continue its close association with TopCoder.

AOL is committed to providing developers around the world with access to its open APIs and technology platforms, making it easy for developers to build collaborative applications and mashups. With platforms including Open AIM, ICQ, WINAMP, MapQuest, and Xdrive, the AOL Developer Network provides direct access to a broad range of authentication, messaging, music, mapping, video, storage, social networking and mobile solutions. To power up your application, please visit

A majority-owned subsidiary of Time Warner Inc. (NYSE:TWX), AOL LLC and its subsidiaries have operations in the U.S., Europe, Canada and Asia.