Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Chat Session Transcripts

SRM 344
SRM 350

The DRW Trading Group is an aggressive, top-tier proprietary trading firm striving to optimize discovery and capture edge in the capital markets.

DRW employs over two hundred people worldwide with offices in Chicago, New York and London.

We have a culture of meritocracy. Employees are rewarded financially and intellectually -- measured not by tenure, but by contribution.  The structure of the organization is flat and open, with no red tape or bureaucracy.

The trading world is in the midst of a technology arms race.  Grid computing, low-latency/high throughput networks, computational intelligence: these are the weapons in our arsenal.

We are seeking Top Coder's best to engineer algorithmic trading systems. We'll give you state-of-the-art technology and funding. You'll give us innovative, high-performance code to beat Wall Street in the world's highest stakes game.

Technology drives our trading. You drive our technology.

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