SRM 325 Chat Transcript

AOL_CarlHello everyone
jmpld40AOL_Carl: hi carl
AOL_CarlHi Jessie
Peterpayhi aol guys
AOL_Mikehello Peterpay
MasterHackerDo you Aol have summer internships ?
AOL_MikeYes, we have summer interns every year
erdalhow many locations does AOl have?
AOL_CarlYes - we will start interviewing for summer internships in March of 07
Peterpaywhat are the most used language in aol??
Peterpayprogramming language??
AOL_MikeWe have mix of stuff. C, C++, Java covers most of the backend systems
Peterpayand are there any NET opportunities??
AOL_Dukegood evening
AOL_MikeWe do have .Net projects as well
MasterHackerDo most of the AOL guys PhD's in Computer Science? What are the challenging algorithmic aspects AOL is working on?
cleanlogicwhat about php ,python..
PeterpayAOL_Mike: is there any visa sponsor restriction in aol??
AOL_MikeWe do have PhDs but most of the engineers have a masters or BA/BS
Peterpaywhere r your Dev Centers??
AOL_CarlWe are not doing any visa sponsorships at the present time
AOL_CarlNot until Oct of 07
cleanlogicAOL_Duke: do you have any office in india?
AOL_MikeWork in our Silicon Valley center. We have dev centers in Northern VA, Bangalore, Dublin, Ireland
AOL_Mikethere are more as well like Columbus, OH
AOL_Mikebut those are the bigger ones
erdalAOL_Mike: ok
Peterpayand in europe dev centers are visa sponosorship?? i mean for non-eae members
erdalif I am an international student, can I apply for internships?
AOL_MikeAs for php and python. It used on some projects but it's more uncommon
MasterHackerHow should we apply for summer internship at AOL?
Peterpaywhy apply for AOL, what makes different from othe big companies???
AOL_Carl Anyone interested in applying to AOL should go to:
AOL_CarlThat would include internships as well
AOL_MikeI don't know about visa sponsorship for Europe
AOL_CarlWe are not doing any visa sponsorships for Europe as well
cleanlogicAOL_Duke: thats nice :) can you give me an idea , like what kind of qualities do you look in a candidate
cleanlogicAOL_Duke: for a developer position in bangalore
AOL_Carl We look for fresh ideas at all levels of experience. Existing skills are not mandatory for all of AOL's positions (they are for some of the higher-level ones for obvious reasons) but passion and ability to think and learn are most important.
AOL_MikeOn the why AOL question, my pesonal answer is that we work on really large scale technical challenges which is what I find personally interesting
cleanlogicAOL_Duke: ok
Peterpayok, well thanks for the info , bye
cleanlogicAOL_Duke: i always wonder how AOL kinda companies have 100% uptime , can you give me an idea
jmpld40What is the work environment like at AOL?
Alextheonedoes AOL hire international student in intern?
AOL_CarlOnly if they don't need visa sponsorship
AOL_MikeThe work environment is a good mix between structure and ability to do new things
AOL_DukeWork / Life is well balanced but fast & furious
jmpld40For those that just entered, where are the AOL offices located?
AOL_Mikefor 100% uptime, we design our systems from the ground up to be redundant and handle failures
abdo57do you hire international employees?
AOL_CarlAOL has 3 major development centers in place: Dublin, Ireland, Mountain View, California and Bangalore, India
cleanlogicAOL_Carl: hi carl, im interested in AOL Bangalore.What should i do next?
AbednegoAOL_Mike: does that mean you build your own servers?!
AOL_MikeDev, QA and Operations teams work together makes sure our systems can handle failures
AOL_CarlAnyone interested in applying to AOL should go to:
AOL_Mikeunlike some other internet services companies, we view professional operations staff as a must
AOL_Mikewe do a combination of building our own servers and using of the shelf application servers (tomcat, BEA, etc)
cleanlogicAOL_Carl: mike can you tell me some more thing about your scaling system
jmpld40Does AOL hire students and professionals of all degrees or do you have preferences?
cleanlogicAOL_Carl: sorry , that was for mike
abdo57AOL_Carl: what should i do to have a job in dublin branch?
AOL_Mikehow you scale an application really depends on the application itself
AOL_Mikeapplications that are easiest to scale are ones that can be designed for horizontal scaling
cleanlogicAOL_Carl: ok
AOL_CarlAnyone interested in applying to AOL should go to:
AOL_Mikethe most challenging applications to scale are ones that share a lot data between users
cleanlogicAOL_Mike: thats true :)
AOL_CarlYes we will consider candidates with various types of degrees
jmpld40What is a typical interview like with AOL?
AOL_Mikesorry if I stating the obvious on the scaling stuff, need to walk the line between what's public and what's not
bulloncito... will you consider candidates at remote locations ?
AOL_CarlPhone screen usually take place first, followed by face to face interviews and then an offer
bulloncito... like, I mean, could I work from my place ?
AOL_Mikeour interviewing process, at least in Silicon Valley is farily standard. We tend to ask questions about your prior expirence mixed with technical questions
AOL_DukeAOL looks for well rounded candidates that have bot the job skills as well as team group skills
AOL_Mikethere's isn't a company wide manadated interview technique
AOL_CarlMost interviews take place with about 2-4 people from the development team
AOL_Gregbulloncito: Typically working from home full time is not possible
jmpld40what are the kind of skills that would prompt AOL to contact a candidate for an interview?
AOL_Gregbulloncito: however we have many locations all over the world
AOL_Carl Primarily Java, JavaScript, C, C++,XML, web services, and UNIX. Also, we need people that have strong programming skills, troubleshooting skills, and excellent communication skills.
bulloncito... do you have any location in méxico :P ?
eduardomelendezAOL_Greg: Do you have a location in Venezuela?
AOL_Dukewe look for education as well as experience Certainly doing well with TopCoder shows a great deal of capability
AOL_CarlNothing in Mexico at the present time
AOL_Gregbulloncito: Our main development centers are in Dulles, VA, Mtn View, CA, Columbus, OH, Bangalore, India, and Dublin Ireland
TAGDo you have any offices on Moon like Google ?
AOL_Mikeno moon office yet
AOL_Gregbulloncito: we have other offices in NYC...Offices on the moon would be wild
cleanlogicdo you have roles specific for deployment,QA etc..
Larrya Dev office in NYC?
TAGWell - living in NYC is just as expensive as trip to Moon ;-)
LarryTAG: but the air is better on the Moon. and probably safer too.
AOL_Mikedeployment (we typically refer to it as operations) and QA are separate roles from dev at AOL
jmpld40What perks does AOL offer their employees?
TAGLarry: I've heard nothing about traffic problems at Moon - but in NYC there are
vahemAOL_Carl: Hi. Do you have internship positions for international students(studying outside the US).
cleanlogicok :)
AOL_MikeBeyond the standard, medical/dental type stuff, I get dinner every night.
AbednegoAOL_Carl: thanks. I'm looking forward to it.
eduardomelendezTAG: Well I think NYC is famous for the traffic?
cleanlogicMike y do you stay till night ?!
Larryeduardomelendez: the secret is no one from NY drives in NYC =)
AbednegoAOL_Mike: wow. that's news to me. AOL has free dinner?
AOL_MikeAOL also has a generous education reimbursement plan (better than what you see at our competitors)
AOL_Mikein Mt View, we do have free dinner
vahemAOL_Carl: Is that your police, which you're not likely to change soon?
AOL_Mikesome yummy chinese food will show up for me at 6:30
vahemAOL_Carl: Sorry, I meant policy.
bulloncito... do you take internships from international students, other than US ?
cleanlogicany idea about working hours?
AOL_Mikedifferent restaurant every night
AOL_Dukeworking hours depend on deadlines
AOL_MikeAOL has a better work life balance than many other tech employers. We work hard and I'll certainly be here late when there is a producation problem or a deadline but my family still remembers what I look like
AOL_GregI can echo AOL_Mike, work life balance is really good.
cleanlogicok , thats a good balance, unlike the indian software houses :)
AOL_GregI typically am in the office from 9am-6pm, and if i have deadlines i can always finish from home
TAGAOL_Mike: Do you use AOL IM with WebCam to remind how you look like or it's 9:00-18:00 work hours ?
AOL_MikeBeing on the West Coast, my standard hours are 10:00-19:00
AOL_GregTAG: AIM Video definitely helps. As a developer on AIM, I have extra incentive to make sure the code works right.
TAGAOL_Mike: What about flexible hours - like 14:00 - 24:00 (hmm - last part is hard - no free parking space)
AOL_Mikeso I don't need a webcam
TAGAOL_Greg: How many there are developers in AIM team ?
AOL_MikeI don't know if 14:00 to 24:00 would be workable or not since it makes meetings a bit more difficult
cleanlogicwhat kind of educational spending does AOL does on its associates?
AOL_DukeAnyone interested in applying to AOL should go to:
AOL_Mikeprobbably wouldn't work too well on the West coast since we tend to need to coordinate with east coast folks
TAGAOL_Mike: how much time you actualy spend in meetings ? More then coding or less ?
AOL_GregTAG: when i started 7+ years ago there were about 10 people total working on AIM, including dev, qa, management
AOL_GregTAG: Now there are about 25 developers
AOL_Mikenot too bad on the meetings. I'm a system architect so I have more meetings than the typical engineer. I probably spend 6-8 hours a week in meetings
TAGAOL_Mike: Do you use any established software process or it's mostly ad-hoc bug fixing ?
cleanlogicim damn sure there will be process, isnt it?
AOL_MikeWe do have an internally developed process
AOL_MikeI spend less time here bugging fixing than I've had to at other jobs
AOL_GregAlmost all big shops have process
TAGIs there much "politics" in review, compensation and promotion process ?
AOL_MikeSoftware product companies typically have to have their engineers spend a lot of time on bugs due to the issues about different customer configuration, ports etc
AOL_MikeBeing a service company, we have more control over the environment our code runs in (since their our servers) so we get less of that grunt work
bulloncito... what's youre point of view on open source ? like aim clones and linux ports ?
TAGDo you have to support old code created long time ago then no process was established - or it's new systems ?
AOL_MikeI haven't had any problems with "politics" in reviews, comp, etc
cleanlogicthats not grunt work mike, i have got there requirements only when i face bugs :P
AOL_Gregbulloncito: Great question on Open Source
TAGAOL_Mike: How easy it's to get promotions and is there positions there you can grow from initial ones ?
Abednegowhat's the best thing about working at AOL?
bulloncito... yet you did not answer me when I asked for internship from non US countries ... :(
AOL_Gregbulloncito: in the AIM world, we have "Open AIM" which is not open source but an open api to develop your own aim client, bot or aim plugin
TAGAbednego: free AOL CDs ! ;-)
AOL_MikeLike all jobs, you need to distinguish yourself to get promoted
AOL_Mikethere's a lot of room to grow
AOL_CarlWe take pride at AOL in following our guidelines so everyone will have a fair and equal chance at opportunities
AOL_GregAbednego: the best part of being a developer at aol, is the freedom I have to work on projects that I want to work on
iustitiahello all
bulloncito... so, using open aim api i could wrote a client for mobile phones, or pocket calculators ?
cleanlogici too value that freedom greg , because right now i dont have it :)
AOL_GregAbednego: If you have an idea or a specific area you like to work on, my management not only approves but encourages that kind of thing...for example I love music, so I do lots of stuff with music and AIM
cintamaniwhere do we go to "check out open aim api" as it said in the registration question?
AOL_CarlWe do have internships in other countries. We start interviews for inters around March of 07
velkoAre you hiring just in the states or you have openings in other countries also?
AOL_Gregbulloncito: you can write an aim client for WIN, Linux, Mac, WIN Mobile, we also have support for Java wrappers
AOL_Gregbulloncito: we do limit what you can do on cell phones, due to some business contracts with mobile carriers
AOL_Carl AOL has 3 major development centers in place: Dublin, Ireland, Mountain View, California and Bangalore, India
AOL_Gregto check out all the APIs AOL offers go to
velkoAOL_Carl: Are you hiring in Ireland now?
bulloncito... if the mobile device has data connectivity, should still the carrier worry 'bout what you transfer ?
bulloncito... VoIP and that kind of stuff is the future, no longer cell phones but InstantMessaging Mobile Devices :P
cleanlogicAOL_Mike: what will be the average team size?
AOL_Gregbulloncito: I totally agree with you
bulloncito... and that's why you shuuld hire me :P
bulloncito... he he ...
AOL_Gregbulloncito: check out the Sony Mylo device...that is a perfect example
AOL_MikeMost of the teams I work with are about 6-10 dev engineers
TAGThanks folks !
TAG**TAG -4:00
cleanlogicThank you verymuch for your time mike,greg,carl,duke..
AOL_CarlAnyone interested in applying to AOL should go to:
pavel13whats /time?
tc_floomg i registered in the last 10 sec thanx god
bulloncito... one last question ?
bulloncito... what about interconnectivity with other instant messaging services or clients ?
bulloncito... like msn or yahoo or google talk ?
AnilKishorecongrats !!! tc_flo
AOL_Mikethat too hard for last questions. It's really a business issue.
AOL_Gregbulloncito: this is not the best forum to discuss interop, but we did announce last year an interop deal with Google Talk
bulloncito... maybe once you hire me :P
forestmaybe twice
AOL_Miketo the person who asked about Ireland, I checked and there are 3 open reqs in Dublin
AOL_Carl Anyone interested in applying to AOL should go to:
jmpld40Thanks AOL!
AOL_DukeGood luck to all tonight at winning that AOL$$$$!!!!
AnilKishoreAll the best to everyone !!!
AOL_CarlGood Luck everyone...See you in San Diego !!