SRM 322 Chat Transcript

Peterpaywhat is AOL looking in a programmer, which kind of skills
yiuyuhoAOL_Greg: let me ask: what does it take to work in AOL?
AOL_SusantaPeterpay: Primarily Java, JavaScript, C, C++,XML, web services, and UNIX. Also, we need people that have strong programming skills, troubleshooting skills, and excellent communication skills.
AOL_Gregan open mind, good ideas, and a desire to work hard at solving fun and challenging problems
yiuyuhoAOL_Greg: hmm?
yiuyuhoAOL_Susanta: I don't know most of that :(
CRGreathouseGeographically speaking, where's AOL? Do they have many locations in the US, or just a few?
CRGreathouseThe TC AOL page had only one location (Dulles, VA) in the US outside of the West Coast.
AOL_CarlUS, Bangalore, Dublin, Mt View Ca, and Dulles, Va
yiuyuhoAOL_Greg: solving fun problems huh? It seems all companies wants that
AOL_SusantaPeterpay: Yes
yiuyuhoAOL_Greg: how many hours do you work per week?
AOL_Gregyiuyuho: I work about 50 hours a week.
AOL_SusantaPeterpay: I lead the Human Resources team for the AOL development center in Bangalore India
OlgaEHello, what do i need to do to become employee of AOL?
yiuyuhoAOL_Greg: do you count lunch, coffe time, chit chat time, meeting times?
AOL_SusantaPeterpay: Anyone interested in applying to AOL should go to:
CRGreathouseI have a question about that page.
CRGreathouseFor the "AOL/Parent Company Name —"
yiuyuhoAOL_Greg: teehee, guess so :) then it's not too bad I suppose
codagerAOL_Susanta: Does AOL have developers in India?
yiuyuhoAOL_Greg: alright, thx for your time Greg
RagnarokHi, everyone :)
AOL_Susantacodager: Yes
AOL_CarlAnyone interested in applying to AOL should go to:
CRGreathouseIt says HQ is in Baltimore, but lists an address for a Mt. View office.
yiuyuhoRagnarok: hi!
CRGreathouseAre there openings at both, or just Mt. View?
alex92yiuyuho: Hello!
codagerAOL_Susanta: How many(a round figure)...?
yiuyuhoalex92: yo!
AOL_SharonAOL_DavidB: yes
yiuyuhoalex92: you going for SRM?
AOL_Susantacodager: 350 plus
alex92yiuyuho: yep.. Just registered.
codagerAOL_Susanta: Do you have any internship positions in India?
AOL_Gregyiuyuho: yeah for the most varies depending the project deadline.
AOL_Susantacodager: Yes, internship positions come up periodically
codagerAOL_Susanta: How do I apply for one?
RagnarokEhh.. do you need a talented Java developer from Ukraine? :)
AOL_Susantacodager: But most require 6 months of internship time
AOL_Carlnothing in the Ukraine
AOL_Susantacodager: Where & what are you studying now?
codagerAOL_Susanta: yeah I'm available for a 6 month intern ;)
kcluneHello everyone.
kcluneSorry I'm late
AOL_Carlhi Kevin
keyvezHi everybody
codagerAOL_Susanta: year) in Information Technology at IIIT- Allahabad
CRGreathouseWhat's required to get a job at AOL? I don't have a CS degree (I took other fields in college).
CRGreathouseI know the languages AOL_Susanta suggests (Java, JavaScript, C, C++), as well as the languages AOL_Greg says are supported (VB, C++, C#).
AOL_Susantacodager: Send your resume to and mention ref of this chat
AOL_Susantacodager: If there are any open intern positions he will let you know
codagerAOL_Susanta: ok, thanks.
AOL_CarlWe look for fresh ideas at all levels of experience. Existing skills are not mandatory for all of AOL's positions (they are for some of the higher-level ones for obvious reasons) but passion and ability to think and learn are most important.
AOL_GregCRGreathouse: the languages we support refers to the open aim sdk. you can write plugins, clients and bots for AIM with those languages
kcluneI guess I should get this out of the way. If anyone is interested in positions with AOL, please go here:
AOL_GregCRGreathouse: at AOL we deal with C++, COM, ATL, .net, js
RagnarokAOL_Carl: May I know what is geography of your interest?
keyvezHow about Java? Do they use Java at AOL?
kcluneAOL folks, How much new development is going on there?
AOL_CarlDulles, Va
RagnarokAOL_Carl: I mean, countries, where you're going to hire people from
AOL_GregCRGreathouse: yes
hndGOKUwhat are the openings for final year students of universities
AOL_CarlUS, Bangalore, Dublin
AOL_SusantahndGOKU: Where and what are you currently studying?
hndGOKUIIT Kharagpur
RagnarokAOL_Carl: Thank you. I'd better go then :)
RagnarokBye everyone
CRGreathouseAOL_Greg: So if I'm good with those langages (C++, several .NET languages, and JavaScript; I'll admit I'm ruty on my COM) should I apply, even without a CS degree?
AOL_CarlWe will consider candidates from any country as long as they don't need H-1 Sponsorship
keyvezAOL_Susanta:Does AOL have a policy against, H1 Sponsorship?.
AOL_SusantahndGOKU: Send email to with your resume
AOL_GregCRGreathouse: You don't know what you can accomplish if you don't try. Having a CS degree is prefered, however it does not disqualify you.
hndGOKUmost of the openings talk about some experience req. is there any way to bypass that
CRGreathouseAOL_Greg: Is there something I can do to show I know how to program, lacking a degree in the field?
kcluneCRGreathouse: compete at TopCoder :)
AOL_Susantakeyvez: AOL may not sponsor H1
kclunePerhaps we can get a little bit more specific, what are you folks in Mountain View working on?
AOL_SusantahndGOKU: For positions in India there are few for fresh graduates without work exp
AOL_SusantahndGOKU: Email and he will be able to guide you thru which positions can be open for new graduates
AOL_Gregkclune: On the Instant Messaging front new work continues all the time
AOL_GregCRGreathouse: i am not sure there are specifics
hndGOKUthank you
kcluneAOL_Greg: Cool. Everyone knows about AOL IM, what sort of new features can you tell us about?
ali_raza_shaikhAOL_Greg: Do you prefer coders who have developed/Designed AOL Componenets
AOL_Gregkclune: We are working on lots of neat stuff. We have two features coming users have been asking for at least 7 years. FWIW I have been with AIM for 7 years.
AOL_Gregali_raza_shaikh: Intimate knowledge definitely gives you a leg up on the competition so to speak. Which components have you worked with?
CRGreathouseSo, do any of you from AOL know anything about as mentioned in the TC AOL page?
ali_raza_shaikhAOL_Greg: i mean the AOL Compenents that were developed as a part of TopCoder Design/Development Competitions?
keyvezAOL_Susanta: If AOL has a strict policy against sponsoring H1 visa, then I shant bother applying..., thanks
ali_raza_shaikhAOL_Greg: Currently i started participated in these competitions :)
AOL_SusantahndGOKU: If you are in India there are positions here you can look at
ali_raza_shaikhAOL_Greg: *participating
ecogiserIs there any position for China?
AOL_Susantakeyvez: If you are in India there are positions here you can look at
AOL_Gregali_raza_shaikh: sure, well you being in this chat definitely separates you from the average candidate.
hndGOKUi looker up nut all the openings require a exp.
AOL_CarlOptimization of internet advertising, Data mining, behavioral targeting of internet advertising, large scale ad serving, high performance technical computing, vary large scale data management, information retrieval algorithm design, numerical analysis
hndGOKUbut ill send a email as u said
AOL_SusantahndGOKU: sure
AOL_CarlSome of the things that is doing
ali_raza_shaikhAOL_Greg: ok, is there any .Net based Development at AOL
ecogiserAOL_Susanta: Is there any position for China?
AOL_Carlnot yet. We are just starting to put together our development center in China
CRGreathouseAOL_Carl: Numerical analysis is what made me interested in that opening. I studied math in college (including numerical analysis). Do you know if there are job openings for that in Baltimore and Mt. View, or just one of those?
AOL_Gregali_raza_shaikh: some.
CRGreathouseAOL_Carl: The listing wasn't clear to me.
ali_raza_shaikhAOL_Greg: So you are also looking for .Net Developers?
AOL_Susantaecogiser: Yes, we are looking to hire in China. But I am not sure if there are positions for new graduates. Do you have work experience?
AOL_CarlNot sure I'll have to check with there recruiters. please apply at topcoder and we can get your info to them
ecogiserAOL_Susanta: nop-_- I'm Master student
AOL_Susantaecogiser: Apply at the AOL topcoder site and then if there are any open positions we will get back to you
martinfinger86does AOL hire coops?
AOL_Gregali_raza_shaikh: not as the primary language, but that definitely is a plus
ali_raza_shaikhAOL_Greg: i am a Fresh Grd, with 3 months professional exp
ecogiserAOL_Susanta: ok, thanks a lot
ali_raza_shaikhAOL_Greg: should i apply?
AOL_Gregali_raza_shaikh: sure
AOL_Gregali_raza_shaikh: it doesn't hurt
ali_raza_shaikhAOL_Greg: :)
AOL_CarlYes we do hire coops
ali_raza_shaikhAOL_Greg: is there any employee there currently from Pakistan?
AOL_Carlmartinfinger86: Co-Op needs will vary for each region
aghHello, what if I applied and didn't receive any feedback. Does it mean that AOL is not interested in me?
martinfinger86are coops applications handled the same as regular employees?
[loku]AOL_Greg: Hello, i am currently in My 7th semester of B.Tech. at Indian School of Mines,Dhanbad . Should i apply for the positions for fresh grad?
[loku]AOL_Greg: of courese in India
AOL_Carlyes- they are shared with the hiring mgr.for review
AOL_Gregali_raza_shaikh: for 3 years one of the testers of the AIM client was an expat from Pakistan
ali_raza_shaikhAOL_Greg: :) great
AOL_Gregali_raza_shaikh: we have many people from that region working for AOL in Dulles, Mtn View, and our other locations
ali_raza_shaikhAOL_Greg: oh . i forgot : should i mention the place to apply for
AOL_Gregali_raza_shaikh: I am not sure what positions are available in India, perhaps one of our other AOL folks can help there
AOL_Gregali_raza_shaikh: If you want a specific location then yes, please mention it
lidaobingwhere can I find the detail of jobs?
ali_raza_shaikhAOL_Greg: ok
C_Sharpshooterany chance of working in AOL outside the us?
AOL_Susantalidaobing: Anyone interested in applying to AOL should go to:
ali_raza_shaikhAOL_Greg: is there any current opening for fresh grd + 3 month exp
AOL_Gregali_raza_shaikh: location?
AOL_Gregali_raza_shaikh: Anyone interested in applying to AOL should go to:
AOL_CarlAnyone interested in applying to AOL should go to:
billuhello mr aol
ali_raza_shaikhAOL_Greg: ok
PeterpayIP: Interview process
billuthis is placement nominee from IIT BOMBAY, INDIA
ali_raza_shaikhAOL_Greg: you must be hiring TCCC 06 winners on spot?
[loku]AOL_Susanta: Hello, i am currently in My 7th semester of B.Tech. at Indian School of Mines,Dhanbad . Should i apply for the positions for fresh grad?
ali_raza_shaikhAOL_Greg: :)
ali_raza_shaikhAOL_Greg: :)
AOL_SusantaC_Sharpshooter: Which location?
PeterpayAOL_DavidB: IP: Interview process
C_SharpshooterAOL_Susanta: israel
lidaobingAOL_Sharon: thanks
billudo you plan to recruit frsh CSE/IT grads form INDIA THIS YEAR
ali_raza_shaikhAOL_Greg: what is your interview process like Telephone to Onsite interview?
ali_raza_shaikhAOL_Greg: or do you have any special hiring trips to the region like Microsoft do
AOL_Susanta[loku]: Send email to with your resume and if we plan to come over to ISM Dhanbad we will inform you.
PeterpayAOL_DavidB: are there any Visa Sponsor Conditions for now, ?? like H1-B no or something like that??
AOL_CarlC_Sharpshooter: All interviews start with a phone screen then face to face interviews
MinnyAOL: I'm studying in Germany now, looking for an intern position in US. Please kindly let me know where should I send my CV to?
[loku]AOL_Susanta: What about OF CAMPUS recruitments?
AOL_Susantabillu: Yes, at the Bangalore Development center and also at the Bangalore Tech Operations center
AOL_Gregali_raza_shaikh: Unfortunately I am not as familar with the actual interview setup process. I am a lead engineer, not an HR person, however, I have done interviews over the phone as well as in person.
AOL_Susanta[loku]: Then we will ask you to come over to Bangalore
billuoh great!! then please pass me the email id, so that i can send you details about our process.
ali_raza_shaikhAOL_Greg: ok
AOL_CarlPeterpay: No H-1 sponsorships at this time
AOL_Gregali_raza_shaikh: I personally like meeting with people in person. It gives me a chance to ask you some problem solving questions to work out on a white board
billuAOL_Susant: oh great!! then please pass me the email id, so that i can send you details about our process.
ali_raza_shaikhAOL_Greg: so you must be having a 3-5 year exp at AOL?
AOL_Gregali_raza_shaikh: I personally have been at AOL for 7+ years now
[loku]AOL_Susanta: In fact , i have got placed earlier this year at campus, and our college policy doesn't allow us to sit further in any company
ali_raza_shaikhAOL_Greg: :) i like solving problems on White Borad
ali_raza_shaikhAOL_Greg: great
AOL_Gregali_raza_shaikh: we do hire people straight out of university
DaMi3n?module=Static&d1=tournam%20ents&d2=tccc06&d3=aol says page not found
DaMi3ni mean
ali_raza_shaikhAOL_Greg: is there any major language requirement from AOL?
[loku]AOL_Susanta: so if u come to my college , it's of no use to me
AOL_Susantabillu: Which college do you study in?
ali_raza_shaikhAOL_Greg: like C++/Java/C#?
billuAOL_Susant: thanks!! Susant, usually when do you start recruitment process in general
billuAOL_Susant: I am from IIT Bombay, India
AOL_Susanta[loku]: got it
AOL_Gregali_raza_shaikh: C++, COM/ATL, JS, .net, VB, JAVA
billuAOL_Susant: Please chk out details at
MinnyAOL_Carl: I'm studying in Germany now, looking for an intern position in US. Please kindly let me know where should I send my CV to?
billuAOL_Susant: I ll send you a formal invitation also, soon.
AOL_Susantabillu: For campus hiring we ususlly plan it along their schedules
[loku]AOL_Susanta: ok i will send my resume to the said address ,thanks
ali_raza_shaikhAOL_Greg: i have exp on C++, COM/ATL and .net only
Minnykclune: thank you!
ali_raza_shaikhAOL_Greg: :(
AOL_Susantabillu: For off campus we can hire any time
[loku]AOL_Susanta: :)
billuAOL_Susant: hmm..We will be starting early december this time.
AOL_CarlMinny: still send it to Top Coder and let them know that you are interested in intern positions. We usually start recruiting for interns around February of 07
billuAOL_Susant: Thats great. Just as per policies we dont allow off-campus before march
AOL_Gregali_raza_shaikh: well for my team in particular we weight C++, COM/ATL and .net as 100% of what you need to know, JS, JAVA, can be learned on the job
MinnyAOL_Carl: that's great. thank you for your information.
ali_raza_shaikhAOL_Greg: so, then i should apply for your team?
billuAOL_Susant: so that i can directly mail you the details about the process.
OlgaEHello! Do you have any telecommute positions?
ali_raza_shaikhAOL_Greg: :)
AOL_Gregali_raza_shaikh: :)
AOL_Susantabillu: ok
DaMi3nAOL_Carl: does AOL conduct on campus or off campus placements in india?
ali_raza_shaikhAOL_Greg: then how to make your resume count?
ali_raza_shaikhAOL_Greg: bcoz there will be lots of applicants
AOL_Gregali_raza_shaikh: Check the jobs URL that we posted earlier in the chat. I think you will find jobs that meet your skill set
EmperorofUnivrsHello, can any AOL personnel tell me how you primarily do internship recruiting? That is, does it come mainly from job fairs or does AOL use online applications?
ali_raza_shaikhAOL_Greg: URL of Topcoder?
AOL_CarlDaMi3n: not sure-check. Susanta can you answer that
lyc1977Will AOL hire non-US citizen who is willing to work at US?
AOL_Gregali_raza_shaikh: Anyone interested in applying to AOL should go to:
DaMi3nAOL_Carl: thx
DaMi3nAOL_Susanta: does aol conduct off/on campus placements in india
AOL_Carllyc1977: No H-1 Sponsorship at this time
AOL_Gregali_raza_shaikh: I mentioned earlier, if you want to read about what is going on in the IM world, checkout
AOL_SusantaDaMi3n: Yes
ali_raza_shaikhAOL_Greg: ok
AOL_SusantaDaMi3n: Which college do you study in?
gdiegohi there AOL guys ... will you read resumes of everyone who answered yes to the "are you interested in working for AOL" question
DaMi3nAOL_Susanta: I am form DA-IICt
anticHi all!
DaMi3nAOL_Susanta: could you please tell me what are the academic requirements, moreevr does aol recruit freshers?
AOL_SusantaDaMi3n: send your resume to and if there are any positions for new graduates we will contact you
AOL_Carlgdiego: Yes we will review candidates resume that is interested in hearing more about AOL openings
billuDaMi3n: daiict ian??
gdiegoAOL_Carl: would you contact me if you like my resume and I live in argentina
ali_raza_shaikhAOL_Greg: Thanks for helping me out
gdiegoAOL_Carl: or there are country restriction
DaMi3nbillu: yes?
billuDaMi3n: hehe m an alumni of it..grt to see guys from there
AOL_Carlgdiego: Yes-no H-1 sponsorship at this time
billuDaMi3n: this is abhishek from iit bombay
anticAOL has opportunities to people outside usa?
DaMi3nbillu: nice to meet you
billuDaMi3n: so which year
AOL_Gregali_raza_shaikh: no worries, that is what i am here for...from my blog you know how to contact me if you have any follow up questions
DaMi3nbillu: presently in my 4th
DaMi3nbillu: and urself
billuDaMi3n: o thn u must be knowing me..
gdiegoAOL_Carl: whats H-1 sponsorship ?
AOL_Susantaantic: Yes, in Bangalore India
ali_raza_shaikhAOL_Greg: blog address?
DaMi3nbillu: how is that?
billuDaMi3n: hmm i was in the first batch of daiict..
gdiegojmpld40: and if its later than the 17, you contact them ?
billuDaMi3n: u which batch
AOL_Carlgdiego: We would have to sponsor your visa to work in the USA at AOL
anticAOL_Susanta: Hi AOL_Susanta!
DaMi3nAOL_Susanta: is there a link or webpage where i can read on AOL job specifications
anticAOL_Susanta: I from Colombia!
DaMi3nbillu: 2003
AOL_Susantaantic: Anyone interested in applying to AOL should go to:
DaMi3nbillu: so u are doing ms/mtech?
ali_raza_shaikhAOL_Greg: sorry i got disconnected, let me know about your blog address
AOL_SusantaDaMi3n: Anyone interested in applying to AOL should go to:
anticAOL_Susanta: i was working for Sun Microsystem for the last 3 years!
billuDaMi3n: okay me doin mtech
DaMi3nAOL_Susanta: ah thanx
anticAOL_Susanta: but i want to search other opportunities!
billuDaMi3n: chk out my site
Sconsany one needed...
billuDaMi3n: might be help ful to u in locating me
DaMi3nbillu: k
anticAOL_Susanta: may i apply from Colombia?
gdiegoAOL_Carl: you wont sponsor :( ?
DaMi3nbillu: btw are there any gaming / graphics related masters at IITB
AOL_Susantaantic: send your resume to
billuDaMi3n: graphics ..
AOL_CarlNot at the present time
billuDaMi3n: yes a gud group is working under prof sharat
Sconshow to get started for the competetion??
billuDaMi3n: chk out his site at cse.iitb
billuDaMi3n: gamin comes as aprt of it
DaMi3nbillu: no.. i meant offered a a major in this field
lidaobingScons: you should go to the admin room
ali_raza_shaikhAOL_Greg: thanks
billuDaMi3n: in fact there was course he took where student worked to develop very tiny miny counter strike
billuDaMi3n: nope
billuDaMi3n: it can be a specialization
billuDaMi3n: but not as a stream
DaMi3nbillu: ah ok
anticAOL_Susanta: but i need to be US resident?
kcluneFor all of the new folks that have joined us recently, why should TopCoder members work for AOL?
AOL_Susantaantic: not for positions in India
billuAOL_Susanta: so Susant, I have sent you a mail, will be expecting a early reply, as we are very close in deciding our final scedule for the placements
anticAOL_Susanta: so, i need to live in India?
AOL_Susantabillu: sure, thanks
DaMi3nAOL_Susanta: btw does aol conduct recruits for off shore developement or it has its offices in india as well?
Ryanwhy did I get immediately put in the AOL chat room?
GassaRyan: mb other rooms are 'full'?
lidaobingRyan: maybe the other rooms is full
GassaRyan: i.e. ~300 users
billuAOL_Susanta: BTW can you lemme know..what kind of machine learning related areas you guys work on - this is out my personal interest :P
AOL_Susantaantic: Not while applying
natashafuwenjie: hi
AOL_Gregkclune: from an engineer's perspective, AOL is a really fun environment where engineers can help shape the face of our consumer products
fuwenjienatasha: hi
anticAOL_Susanta: ok thanks, AOL_Susanta!
ahyangyinatasha: hi
ahyangyifuwenjie: hi
C_Sharpshooterany chance of working in AOL outside the us?
anticAOL_Susanta: i will contact you soonely!
natashaahyangyi: hi
Aleksare they all AOL employers, who registered to employee competition?
rusolishello AOL, do you have any summer internship opportutinities for students from outside USA?
AOL_SusantaDaMi3n: Yes, AOL has a Bangalore Development Center
gdiegoAOL opportunities in argentina ?
AOL_CarlNone in Argentina
MntlChaosAOL people: are you recruiting may college graduates now, or when is that process going to occur?
gdiegoand you dont sponsor me a visa :(, so, I have no chances hehe
AOL_GregMntlChaos: we have many engineers straight out of university
AOL_CarlWill will start recruiting 07 grads around Feb of 07
MntlChaosAOL_Carl: So should I send my resume in now, or wait till then?
mpaliathwhat is the procedure to apply in india??
tinasotilascan't register to srr 322!
donatelloadmins: /room donatello
AOL_Carlrusolis: Not sure until around March of 07
AOL_Susantampaliath: send email to
jmpld40Thanks AOL
mpaliathok thx
AOL_CarlYou can send it in now
MntlChaosAOL_Carl: OK. thanks. Where is the best place to send it?
AOL_CarlAnyone interested in applying to AOL should go to: