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About Business Alliance

Business Alliance for Services and Investment, BA, is a business support services provider that started in 2009 with headquarter office in Ramallah and Al-Bireh, West Bank, Palestine. BA is built to cater to market needs in the areas of:

  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT) through providing the services of new product development & commercialization, business development, and startups support;

  • Business support services including Human Resource Management (HR), Recruitment & Headhunting, Accounting & Financial Management, and Business Consulting & Strategic Management.


BA mission is to respond to gaps and niche service areas in the local and regional markers through providing targeted business support services, investing in innovation and creating alliances that can collectively fill those gaps.

During the past years, BA has developed a wide range of clientele, local and international and across multiple sectors. Some of these include International Youth Foundation, DAI Inc., Palestine Children’s Relief Fund, Palestine Investment Fund, Wataniya Telecom Palestine and Jawwal, and Drosos Foundation.

The Elnacer.ps Initiative

With a great support by Drosos Foundation of Switzerland, www.drosos.org, Business Alliance, and its consortium partners, Glow.ps and ELG.ps, have launched Elancer.ps

This project aims to reduce unemployment rates and assisting low income households by facilitating online freelancing among youth and women. This will be accomplished by reducing barriers to entry into this globally growing market of freelancing through increasing knowledge and awareness, creating an online portal/app for matchmaking, providing legal and business training along with mentorship assistance.

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Topcoder and Business Alliance Together

Business Alliance wants to tap into the local and regional markets - more specifically the ICT sector - to find projects that can use the Topcoder Community. The Topcoder Community consists of 1.2 million members with expertise in data science, design, and development. The Community also has two Expert Crowd viz. Cognitive and Blockchain.

The Topcoder community has a lot to offer the local market Business Alliance wants to reach. If you’re interested in being a part of the Topcoder community to learn, grow, and do amazing things, register here. It’s free and easy.

Topcoder Resources for the Business Alliance folks

The Topcoder Forums are a great source for information, updates, and discussion surrounding the community. Be sure to watch the forums that you are most interested in to get notified of new posts in your email!

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