Learn Web Design in Figma with Topcoder Experts

Yoki and Luis spill their 15+ years of career expertise in design in a fun play-by-play format to teach the fundamentals of UI/UX design for web applications.

Yoki Tyas

Yoki Tyas

Luis Millan

Luis Millan

  • Figma layout and tools to design mobile apps.
  • UX Design basic principles to get started with your design career.
  • Simple framework to find quick solutions to design problems.
  • How to submit design work in Topcoder and find opportunities to apply what you learned for money.
  • Introduction3m 22s
  • Yoki’s design process explained 2m 41s
  • Figma magic tools9m 16s
  • Problem exploration10m 25s
  • Sketching ideas3m 53s
  • Typography and colors11m 53s
  • Defining design styles6m 43s
  • Visual design5m 40s
  • Using frames and grid16m 22s
  • Crafting the design18m 45s
  • Submit work in Topcoder14m 14s
Who Is This For?
  • Aspiring UX/UI designers, anyone interested in learning design from scratch.
  • Anyone interested in learning design from scratch.
  • New designers who want to learn how to use a sleek UI Design tool like Figma.
  • Designers who aspire to become prolific at setting up a production workflow to help with accurate solutions for design problems.
  • Yoki Tyas

    UX/UI Designer

    Yoki is a master designer who began his journey in Topcoder with zero expectations then ended up attending consecutive Design Competition finals and solving challenging problems for well-known companies. He has been mentoring new members to ease their transition into design careers; his contributions and involvement in the Topcoder community have earned him the prestigious rank of MVP.
    More details: MVP Page, Dribbble Profile
  • Luis Millan


    Luis joined Topcoder in 2007 and since then has been working as a freelancer passionate about technology projects. Dancing among specialites, he has based his Topcoder career in design, development, and project management for more than fifteen years. Nowadays he spends his time with the community team, helping build effective education mechanisms for new members to profit from a smooth path to success.
    More details: MVP Page, LinkedIn Profile

Design is part of modern human communication, just like language. It crosses borders and is bound only by our imagination. Yoki & Mahestro have done a fine job with this interview format course. It will help anybody (and everybody) get started from the ground up, even those whose primary duties are not design. The tool choice of Figma is flexible for those who wish to move onward honing their designing skills!”

Vipul Chawathe

  • 75 minutes of content

  • 11 videos available

  • Beginner level

  • Resources available for download

  • Certificate of completion

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