Gig Work Update

Transfer of Gig Work

The management of Topcoder gigs is being transferred to Wipro, Topcoder’s parent company, as of February 1, 2024.

This transition will allow us to focus solely on what made Topcoder great in the first place - our challenges. By concentrating our resources and efforts on this core product, we aim to enhance the experience and opportunities available to you, our valued Community members.

What will happen to my current gig?
Business as usual. Nothing will change with your current gig or the team supporting you.

Who will be our new point of contact for gig work?
You’ll notice the same names behind the scenes supporting your gig experience, and probably a few new helpful names as well. Please direct your queries to for the quickest response.

What happens with my payments?
Your payments are still safe and secure in the Topcoder platform. At a future date, instructions will be communicated if there is any need to update your payment accounts.

Can I still apply for gigs once they transfer to Wipro?
Yes, gigs will still be available for you to apply to. If there are any changes to our gig site we will update you at that time.


We are grateful for your continued involvement and excitement around challenges and are available to answer any further questions you may have by emailing support.