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Welcome to the Topcoder Competitive Programming Homepage!

This is your one stop shop for all things related to the Competitive Programming track on Topcoder. This primarily includes everything surrounding Single Round Matches (SRMs). On this page you will find a getting started guide, helpful tips and articles, as well as a list of tools that may help you in competitions.

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Tips and Quotes

Don’t take it from us, listen to what our amazing members are saying about Topcoder and the Competitive Programming track!

The biggest influence of competitive programming is on one’s way of thinking. It trains you to see both the big picture and small details in the same time, foresee difficulties in advance, and act accordingly. Furthermore, it helps you to stay calm and concentrated under high time pressure. Topcoder competitions are especially good at this, because coding phase lasts for only 75 minutes.

Topcoder member since 2012

Just try it and see if you enjoy it. If you find that you are excelling at it, then you can decide to put more and more time into it if you want. But just have fun when doing it, I think that is the main thing. If it turns out not to be a strength, then don’t try to force it to be one, think of what other things you are good at and let those other things be your primary focus.

Topcoder member since 2006

One thing I really think competitive programming gives you is the ability to confidently write correct code under pressure of time. Which in the long run builds your confidence which may help you in different aspects of life.

Topcoder member since 2003

[One trait you like most about Topcoder members] “It’s curiosity. I see it in many Topcoder members and really love it. It’s the curiosity to discover new things, new algorithms, figure out the solution to a complex problem, improve the existing solution. This curiosity leads to continuous learning and improvement. And being in such a community, you’re constantly challenged to grow. That’s what I valued the most in Topcoder community.”

AndriyBas, Founder of UpTech
Topcoder member since 2015


Over the years, members have created and provided tutorials to the Topcoder Community. Here is our collection of those tutorials!

Tutorial - The Importance of Algorithms

The Importance of Algorithms

The first step towards an understanding of why the study and knowledge of algorithms are so important is to define exactly what we mean by an algorithm.

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Tutorial - How To Dissect a Problem Statement

How to Dissect a Topcoder Problem Statement

Let’s look at the composition of a typical topcoder problem statement. First off is the introduction. Usually, a problem will be led off with a high-level description of a situation.

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Tutorial - How To Find a Solution

How to Find a Solution

With many Topcoder problems, the solutions may be found instantly just by reading their descriptions. This is possible thanks to a collection of common traits that problems with similar solutions often have.

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