Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Window Mini Marathon Challenge Part3

Key Information

The challenge is finished.
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Challenge Overview

Prize Distribution:

  • 1st $2,500
  • 2nd $1,000
  • 3rd $500
  • 4th $300
  • 5th $200

Ⅰ. Abstract:

  • This challenge deals with a capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem with the operating period (Time Window), swapping of parcels, and the additional use of the relay routes.
  • A truck departs from a Departure Depot and returns to the same Depot after visiting some Customers and, if needed, a Visited Depot, some Relay Warehouses. The order in which the truck from the Departure Depot visits is called a main route. Some relay routes that are connected to a main route are available to reduce the driver cost, for example, by introducing marine transportation instead of truck long-distance transportation.
  • The goal of the challenge is to develop a solver that minimizes cost.
  • Objective function:

Cost = (“Sum of mileage, driver cost, cargo handling cost for each truck” on main routes) + (“Sum of mileage, driver cost, cargo handling cost for each truck” on relay routes) + additional cost associated with using relay routes

For full specifications, please click here.

The local development environment is here.

Change the scoring period as follows

Scoring will be done with 3 open datasets and 1 secret dataset during the provision. In the final, there will be a total of 8 secret datasets, including 3 secret datasets used in the provision.

  • First 6 days of the challenge: 3 open datasets + secret dataset A
  • Subsequent 2 days: 3 open datasets + secret dataset B
  • After that, until the end of the challenge: 3 open datasets + secret dataset C
  • Final: 8 secret datasets, including A, B and C

General Notes

  • This match is rated, and TCO22 eligible.
  • The use of open source software related to combinatorial optimization is prohibited in this match.
  • Use the match forum to ask general questions or report problems, but please do not post comments and questions that reveal information about the problem itself or possible solution techniques.


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