S2B: Migration tool features identification for Spotfire to PowerBI conversion

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Challenge Overview

Welcome to the S2B: Migration tool identification for Spotfire to MS-PowerBI conversion ideation challenge.

Challenge Objective

  • Provide a list of existing tools (along with their features & limitations), that can perform or assist in the migration of dashboards/reports from Spotfire to PowerBI .
  • Provide a list of features a Migration Tool should have to migrate Spotfire reports/dashboard (samples shared) to PowerBI .

Technology Stack

Project Background

Our client has been using Spotfire for Business Analytics & Visualization reports.The leadership team now has taken a strategic architectural decision to use MSPowerBI as the first choice for Business visualizations. Therefore, the client wantsto migrate existing Spotfire dashboards/reports to PowerBI in an effective manner.

In this ideation challenge, we are looking for you to figure out a Spotfire to PowerBI migration tool.


These are the resources provided in the challenge forums.

  • Existing Spotfire report samples. To run these the Trial version of Spotfire can be used.
  • A document containing the snapshots of 4 reports of which the Spotfire source files are provided.

Individual Requirements

1. Migration Tools

Provide information on any useful tools that can perform Spotfire to PowerBI migration. Also, any tool that can assist in the migration by improving turnaround time or reducing the risks can also be accepted. Examples of such tools can be something that automatically assesses complexities on Spotfire or identifies components incompatible with PowerBI and suggest workarounds. There may not be a single tool supporting all the features we want, in such cases list the tools &the features that can be used for the migration can be shared.

2. Migration Tool features

The migration tools for performing migration of Spotfire reports to PowerBI is expected to provide these outputs:

  • Identification of the features of a dashboard/report to be migrated.
  • Identification of complexity of a dashboard/report.
  • Identification of features that are incompatible with PowerBI
  • Any other areas you think should be identified by the migration tool.

These are some of the functionalities provided by Spotfire

  • Pie chart representation of points in map
  • Bar chart showing up to 8M records.
  • TERR Expressions
  • Overlaid type curves
  • Custom Sort legends within Visualization
  • Schedule refresh based on Specific time
  • Data Source setup
  • Subsets
  • JSVIZ (Custom Visual)
  • Table & cross table displaying images
  • Dynamic drill down
  • Dynamic Link Creation based on Filter(s) selection
  • Marking (s)
  • Visual’s legend sort
  • Document Properties’ integration with visual
  • Identify Duplicate rows
  • Adding hyperlinks inside table visualisation
  • Adding bullet points in text boxes
  • Error bars
  • Java Scripts
  • R Scripts
  • Python Scripts
  • HTML pages
  • CSS pages
  • Massive inline data housed in Spotfire
  • Ternary Maps
  • Geology custom templates

After the migration to PowerBI, all the above functionalities should be supported.
We are providing 4 reports that will help in the above analysis & deriving the features of the migration tool.

3. Power BI Migration Background

The following diagram shows four high-level phases for deploying Power BI in an organization. The details are listed in Power BI migration overview.

For the specific case of Spotfire to PowerBI reports migration, explain what steps to be followed & what tools would be required in each of these stages.

  • image

4. Risk & Roadblock

What are the risks & roadblocks anticipated while developing this migration tool should also be added to the ideation document.


The following are going to be the judging criteria:

  • Does the analysis study report cover all the objectives asked in the challenge specification.
  • To what extent the migration tool identifies features/complexities involved in the conversion of Spotfire reports to MS PowerBI.
  • How feasible is the development of the migration tool.
  • Ease of adoption by the existing users.
  • While going forward with the strategy how long it’s going to take to migrate the reports to Power BI.
  • Risk involved.

Final Deliverables

We are looking for innovative ideas! We expect to receive a lot of submissions in this challenge, so it is important to structure your ideas so they are clear and easy to understand. In your proposal, please be sure to follow the format suggested below:

  • Title: A short and clear title for your proposal
  • Abstract: High-level overview of your proposal in one or two sentences
  • Details: The proposal itself. Diagrams and sketches or even clickable prototypes that will better explain your proposal are encouraged.
  • A video explaining the strategy can also be submitted also with the proposal.

Please submit your proposal in MS Word, PDF, HTML, or Markdown format. Include images wherever necessary.


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