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Challenge Overview

Challenge Objectives

Build the REST API to be used manage Line message templates. The REST API will later be integrated with a ReactJS web app.

Project Background

  • We are currently undertaking the operation of delivering messages to a smartpohone application (Line). We do most of the operations manually and it takes a lot of time to avoid mistakes in operations. Also, as the number of distributions will increase in the future, we want to develop an application to improve efficiency.

Technology Stack

  • Python 3.8
  • FastAPI
  • REST
  • MySQL 8
  • OAuth0

Challenge Requirements

For this challenge, we are going to build the REST API following the provided Swagger API design and database model. Please refresh this page after registering to the challenge to view the API details at the bottom of this page.

General Requirements

  • The provided tech stack must be following (including versions)
  • Must cover all the endpoints defined in the Swagger spec and follow the provided database schema
  • When implementing each API, you should follow the provided sample to implement the process of receiving the JWT token
  • Code needs to be properly designed and structured for easy maintenance (for example: you may want to divide the endpoints into different groups / folders based on the data model)
  • Code should be properly documented


Submit a single zip file that contains the following:

  • The source code
  • A detailed README in markdown format on how to configure, run, and test your submission
  • A postman collection that can be used to test the positive and negative cases of the API
  • The swagger spec if anything got updated during the challenge
  • The sql scripts used to populate the database and/or any master / test data


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