Cognitive State Determination Marathon Match

Key Information

The challenge is finished.

Challenge Overview


In the near future, Astronauts will need to carry out autonomous operations as they venture beyond Low Earth Orbit. For many of the activities that the astronauts perform, the same training is provided to all crew members months ahead of their mission. A system that provides real-time operations support that is optimized and tailored to each astronaut's psychophysiological state at the time of the activities and which can be used during the training leading up to the mission would significantly improve human spaceflight operations.

In this challenge, solvers must determine the present cognitive state of a trainee based on biosensor data, as well as predict what their future cognitive state will be, three seconds in the future.The data is present in microseconds and we want to predict the cognitive state of the person every second. This system would have the following three use cases:

  • Better training of Astronauts
  • Real-time operation support
  • Overall cognitive health metric status (pre, during, and post-mission)

Note: Detailed background on the above use-cases can be found here.

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