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Aug 10, 2021




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Aug 10, 2021


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Aug 10, 2021


Challenge Overview

Challenge Overview

TCO21 Regionals Development Track Hackathon

Have you always wanted to build a great app but were a little confused about where to start? Welcome, all attendees to the TCO21 Regionals! We are hosting a Hackathon this year! The TCO21 Regional Development Track - Hackathon will have a pre-defined problem statement for which developers will have to come up with their best solution within 72 hours where the most practical and efficient solution will be the winner.

We are also excited to have AlefEdge as our cloud partner for this event. AlefEdge, the innovator behind the 5G Edge Internet, provides a Next-Gen platform EdgeNet for compute and delivery networks for APIs and apps. You are encouraged to leverage the power of the EdgeNet platform in the TCO21 Regional Development Track - Hackathon.

Development Track Hackathon Schedule and Phases

The Development Track Hackathon will be open for submission on August 2, 09:30 EDT (Topcoder Time). Problem statements will be available when the submission phase opens.

  • Pre-Registration Phase: July 27, 09:30 EDT - August 5, 09:30 EDT

  • Submission Phase: August 2, 09:35 EDT - August 5, 09:35 EDT


It has been a year now since the ongoing pandemic changed our lives. The pandemic has resulted in schools, colleges, and universities shutting all across the world. Globally, over 1.2 billion children are out of the classroom. As a result, education has changed dramatically, with the distinctive rise of e-learning (online learning), whereby teaching is undertaken remotely and on digital platforms. In the past year, online learning has been shown to increase retention of information, and take less time, and the changes might still stay even after the pandemic is over.

Problem Statement

With this sudden shift away from the classroom in many parts of the globe, some are wondering whether the adoption of online learning will continue to persist post-pandemic, and how such a shift would impact the worldwide education market. This presents a huge opportunity for the online learning market.

Assume that you are a lead developer of a startup company, which is in response to significant demand of the online learning market. You are building an online learning application to help students learn from home effectively and innovatively.

The application should support the following basic features

  • Browse the course list
  • Enroll/unenroll in a course
  • A course should contain several lectures, each lecture should contain one or more video tutorials.
  • A course should contain some quizzes/homework.
  • Students should be able to take notes

Apart from the basic features, you can add features that you think would be helpful. The following domains are what you can consider in your thought process:

  • How to keep children focused while studying at home?
  • How to motivate the children? For example, introduce gamification to make the learning fun?
  • For students in poor and remote areas who do not have high-end devices and fast internet bandwidth, how can we help them with online learning?

Bonus for leveraging the EdgeNet platform

You are encouraged to leverage the power of the EdgeNet platform. You can explore and start consuming the APIs from to build the application. For example, the students can be able to load and view video tutorials in low latency using the EdgeNet Video Enablement API.

If your submission leverages the EdgeNet platform, you will receive 10% additional bonus points.

Points To Note

  • If your submission includes a backend, please host your backend on services like Heroku, AWS, or any other cloud platform and link it to your frontend application, so that the reviewers do not need to set up them again.

  • Media: Include in your submission any media (images, publicly accessible videos, or any other references) to help the Reviewers understand your solution.

  • You are also encouraged to use any other API(s) that are non-commercial in your submission.

  • You can design the layout of your application freely, it is not required to be fancy but should be looking good and responsive.

  • You are encouraged to include a video in your submission to demonstrate how your application looks and works.

  • The review will be performed subjectively by the copilot and Topcoder admin, no appeal and appeal response phase.

Judging Criteria

Your submission will be judged for:

  • Basic features (50%)
  • Impact and value addition (20%)
  • Look and feel (20%)
  • A Bonus for leveraging the EdgeNet platform (10%).

Final Submission Guidelines

In the process you need to submit:

  • The source code of a web or mobile-based online learning application that meets all the basic requirements and compliments your proposal - aids in achieving the objectives of your proposal. If your submission contains a backend, include the source code of the backend in your submission as well. But please bear in mind you also need to host your backend elsewhere and link it to the frontend application.
  • A README file with instructions on how to build and deploy your application.
  • A presentation file in PPT or PDF format that describes your proposal on how your application can help students learn more effectively and innovatively.


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