TCO20 South-Eastern Asia and Oceania Regional Event - QA Challenge

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Challenge Overview

Challenge Overview

Welcome all attendees to TCO20 South-Eastern Asia and Oceania Regional Event. This bug hunt challenge is open for 3 hours only.


Note: This challenge is only open to attendees for TCO20 South-Eastern Asia and Oceania Regional Event. If you are not attending the event, please do not register.


Prize: Total prize $200 will be distributed among submitters as proportionately with their individual total points collected from this bug hunt.


Challenge Requirements 

  • Exploratory testing for Functional/Security/User Interface/UX/Content issues against one web application and two mobile applications (Android app and iOS app).

Devices In Scope

  • Website Testing    

    • Windows or Mac (Latest Chrome, Firefox, Edge)

  • Mobile App Testing 

    • Android devices

    • iOS devices

How to Participate

Details will be posted in the challenge forum when the submission phase starts.

Logging New Bug: Create new bug with bug title, repro steps, actual result, expected result, device/browser name, OS version, and also attach a bug screenshot (or video) with highlighting the problem/issue.

        Bug Title: You must follow bug title format as

        [Web-<browser name> or Android or iOS] <bug title goes here>


        1. [Web-Chrome] sample bug title

        2. [Android] sample bug title

        3. [iOS] sample bug title

        Description: Use the following format to put your bug description.

        Repro Steps:

        1. Enter step here

        2. Enter step here

        3. Enter step here

        Actual Result:

        Enter the actual result here.

        Expected Result:

        Enter the expected result here.

        Device/Browser Name:

        Enter the device/browser name here.

        OS Version:

        Enter the OS version here.

        Attachment: It is required to attach a bug screenshot (or video) with highlighting the issue.


Issue Weights and Scoring

    Scoring will be based on the number of bugs by weight. The delivery team has the right to update a severity at their discretion.

    Only verified issues will be counted. Duplicate issues will be closed and not counted. Log issues according to the guidelines above issues that do not follow these guidelines may reject due to lack of information.

    For challenge scoring, the competitor with the most verified points will be selected as the winner. If two users submit the same issue, the user that submitted the issue first will receive credit.

    The following issue types are in scope for this challenge:

        Functional Issue: the way application is intended to behave.

        Security Issue: it can be exploited to gain unauthorized access or privileges on the application.

        User Interface Issue: the front end appearance of the application.

        Usability/UX Issue: the usability or user experience when interacting with every aspect of the application.

        Content Issue: any errors or mistakes in the text/content on the application.

    The following points will be awarded as per issue category:    

        Functional Issues: 10 Points

        Security Issues: 10 Points

        User Interface Issues: 5 Points

        Usability/UX Issues: 2 Points

        Content Issues: 1 Point

    Once total points collected by submitters, the total prize will be distributed among them as prize proportionately with their individual points collected.


Important Notice


    Follow the standard Topcoder Bug Hunt Rules.

    If you do not properly document your bug reports, they will likely be rejected due to lack of information or documentation. If you submit the same bug in multiple areas/pages, (for instance, same validation issue of a form can be found in different pages/sections) you will likely get credit for the original bug report only. The others will all be closed as duplicates.

    DON'T RE-OPEN the issues in the review phase and anyone who RE-OPENS a ticket will be disqualified from the challenge.

    DON'T EDIT OR ATTACH FILES to the issues once it has been submitted and anyone who is doing this will be disqualified from the challenge.

    You must not edit the bug report once created, so make sure you enter all the details at the time you create the issue, otherwise, your issue will be moved to the end of the queue. If you really need to edit an issue you must use the comments section for this (i.e. add a comment to describe any changes you want to make to the issue), and we'll decide whether the changes are major enough to move the issue to the end of the queue.

    You must specify the test data you have used in the 'Reproduction Steps', All the issues will be marked as 'Incomplete', if the correct test data is not provided.

    Keep an eye on the issues being submitted by other participants to minimize the time you may be spending on duplicate efforts. Knowing what has already been reported will allow you to better focus your time on finding yet undiscovered issues.

    There will be no appeals phase. The decision of PM/Copilot for validity and scoring of each logged issue will be final.


Final Submission Guidelines

Final Submission Guidelines

Submit all your bugs directly to GitHub. When you are done with your submissions please submit a .txt file using the “Submit” button before the submission phase ends. In this file include:

  • Topcoder handle (The one displayed in the top right corner near the Profile picture).

  • GitHub username used to raise the issues.


Topcoder will compensate members in accordance with our standard payment policies, unless otherwise specified in this challenge. For information on payment policies, setting up your profile to receive payments, and general payment questions, please refer to ‌Payment Policies and Instructions.


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