Alef Product Feedback Ideation Challenge

Key Information

The challenge is finished.

Challenge Overview

This is an ideation challenge meant to generate feedback from contestants on how the Alef Sandbox can be improved.

Challenge Objectives

The primary requirements of the challenge for contestants are:

  • Understand Edge Computing: The contestants are expected to understand Edge Computing and its core principle.

  • As a part of this challenge, potential submitters must create an account at and are expected to test out the sandbox.

  • Share Feedback and suggestions.

Chance To Win As Well As Learn - This effort will prepare you for future Alef challenges, as well as Edge computing in general.

Challenge Details

Edge Compute can be a challenging concept because developers need to take into consideration the physical location of the server. As a provider of Edge compute services, the top question that Alef receives from developers is: “how do I test my app if location is key?”

Alef has a product called the Sandbox that addresses this question of app testing. The Sandbox is a service that physically sits in the same server rack as the Alef edge site and enables the developer to remotely test their application as if they were connected directly to the edge site. By using a remote desktop app, a developer can remote into the Sandbox and test out their application at the edge site of their choice.

This challenge focuses on how you as a developer would use the Sandbox to test your Edge Apps. Alef would love to hear feedback on improvements to, but not limited to, following:

  • Sandbox Documentation
  • Sandbox The backend architecture
  • Sandbox API stability and performance
  • How this product (Sandbox) fits into your view of edge computing
  • How/if this product (Sandbox) addresses (or doesn’t address) challenges you as a developer face

Alef Sandbox Tutorial:

Feedback scope - The contestants are invited to share feedback about these areas, but in case they have any feedback about any aspect of Alef’s offerings, they are welcome to share them as well.

Review Criteria

Subjective Review - The submitted documents will be evaluated subjectively, and both quality as well as quantity will be considered. A submission containing a single very insightful feedback has potential to win, as well as a submission with a number of useful suggestions and feedback.

What To Submit

  • Ideation Document (PDF/Doc/Markdown File) - Containing feedback, suggestions and ideas. In addition to text, contestants are welcome to include pictures and illustrations of any kind that might help better explain their ideas.
  • (Optional) Related code - In case contestants write some testing code or try demo applications during their research, they are free to submit them in a zip file, along with their ideation document

EdgeNet Topcoder Challenge Series

As part of the Topcoder EdgeNet Challenge series, we are excited to hear and learn from Topcoder Community members about your experience with this challenge, future challenges, and the EdgeNet platform. The winners of this challenge will have an opportunity to share their experience or be showcased as a top developer in EdgeNet challenges. Topcoder may reach out to the winner, where the winners can participate in additional marketing and promotional activities related to the EdgeNet Challenge Series.

Alef + TopCoder Challenge Overview

Welcome to the Topcoder EdgeNet Challenge Series! We are running a series of challenges leading up to the 2021 Topcoder Open (TCO21) to educate and introduce you to the EdgeNet Platform, API’s and Services. Learn all about the Challenge Series - jump in, register on the EdgeNet Developer Platform, ask questions and have fun creating! Each Topcoder challenge in the series will have its own unique objectives, so join in at any time and realize that the more you learn about EdgeNet and 5G, the more it will help you during TCO21 upcoming events.


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