Topcoder Skill Builder Competition - QGroundControl System - Custom Branding (2nd round)

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Challenge Introduction

Welcome to our Topcoder Skill Builder Competition QGroundControl These competitions are designed for everyone to skill up, have fun, get ready for exciting work coming on the platform and earn more money through Topcoder Gigs and Competitions. Jump-in, build your skills, and get ready for the exciting NASA Challenge Series coming your way!


We are beginning a long term series of challenges to create a new version of a ground control system for small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS; i.e., drones) based on QGroundControl. The ground control system will allow the UASs to be safely used for live flight operations while also providing the functionality necessary for researching advanced algorithms and human-automation teaming concepts.


Throughout the series, starting Sept 29th this challenge will be launched every week for the next 2 weeks, giving enough time to many members to get a chance to get started with QGroundControl. Every week $25 will be awarded to the 5 submitters using a random draw. Your submission will only be considered once throughout the weekly reruns across the next two weeks. This means once you have been considered for a random draw and If you submit again in the subsequent reruns, you will not be considered for the draw.


The main goal of this challenge is for you to learn about QGroundControl by making small adjustments to the existing application. QGroundControl is developed in C++ and QT QML for its frontend. See the Scoring guidelines for more details.

Technology and Frameworks

  • QGroundControl

    • C++

    • QT

    • Qt QML

  • PX4 simulator


Links and Resources

  1. http://qgroundcontrol.com/

  2. https://dev.qgroundcontrol.com/en/

  3. https://docs.qgroundcontrol.com/master/en/index.html

Individual Requirements

You need to follow the dev guide from https://dev.qgroundcontrol.com/master/en/index.html to set up and run the QGroundControl application locally from its source code.


The requirement for this challenge is to update the existing Application Settings > General page to include a new section at the bottom of the current page that’s named Application Branding.

This new section will have two fields, one for the Application Name and one for the Application Logo. The app will have the default values set (Application Name: QGroundControl, Application Logo: the current logo that’s used in the application) and the user will be able to change those values by entering a new name and selecting a new application logo.


There should also be a reset button similar to the `Reset Default Brand Image` button that will remove the values entered by the user and reset to the default ones.


Changing those two properties must be reflected across the app.

Scoring Guidelines

  • The submission can either pass or fail review (yes or no only)

  • The winners will be selected randomly from the passing submissions

Final Submission Guidelines

  • The submission must include a git patch file that can be applied to the base source code of the QGroundControl repository (`master` branch).

  • Provide a text file with instructions on how to apply your patch file. Please include the commit you used so we don’t face any issues while applying your patch. You may also include any deviation needed from the provided documentation to build and deploy from source

  • Optional: include screenshots of your solution in action.


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