Medium | Topcoder Skill Builder Competition | EdgeNet Video Enablement

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Medium | Topcoder Skill Builder Competition | EdgeNet Video Enablement

This is the Medium 500 points problem of our EdgeNet Video Enablement Skill Builder to help you create your own video streaming service/app on the cloud. To create a video streaming cloud app, you will need to learn how to create a web application and embed a video player that can stream a .mp4 video from EdgeNet and then deploy that web application on the cloud. Lastly, test open your app in the browser on your Edge Sandbox Environment to stream the media

In the previous challenge (EASY), you have created a developer account in the AlefEdge portal at and requested a sandbox Edge environment, and viewed a video served from the Edge.

Solving this problem you will learn:

  • How to create a web application and embed a video inside it.
  • How to deploy your web application on the cloud.
  • Understand how to view and analyze video loading speeds from the developer tools.

What do you need to do next?

1. Build and deploy a simple web application in the cloud that is capable of playing the .mp4 file from the previous challenge in the browser. You can follow starter pack guides on Heroku for this.

2. Add an error message when trying to play the video from outside the sandbox: "Please access this service from an edge-enabled location."

3. Add another embedded video player to compare how fast a video loads the video file from the EdgeNet when compared with the same file served from the internet.

4. Take a look at the network diagram to understand how this will work.

5. Login to your Edgenet sandbox and make sure your service is working and is able to play the video file from the Edge in the browser within your app. You can note the edge-enabled loading speeds from the browser's developer tools network tab.


Getting Started on Heroku

HTML embed Tag

HTML Video Tag

Submission Deliverables

Follow the steps below to make your submission:

  • Create a folder with "code" as the folder name then zip.
  • Please remove the node_modules folder before submission.
  • Please create a url.txt file inside the "code" folder and place your application's URL in that file.
  • Zip the "code" folder and submit it to the challenge.

Judging Criteria

  • Your submission will be reviewed manually and you will earn points as the score for your valid submission.
  • In case you don't see a score, make sure you understand the submission guidelines. You can also discuss in the challenge forum any issues.

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